More sun and warmer temperatures than today

More sun and warmer temperatures than today
More sun and warmer temperatures than today

Over the next few days, summer will remind us that it’s not over with more sunshine and decent temperatures. After fog in some low-lying areas before dawn, Union Day will be sunny with the traditional afternoon clouds.

In the hours until the evening in places in Western Bulgaria, in the mountains and around them, it is possible to rain for a short time. A more noticeable wind will blow in the Southeast, and daytime temperatures will fluctuate between 24 and 29 degrees.

Along the coast, the wind will be stronger on the southern coasts. There, the waves will have a maximum height of up to 2 meters on the exposed beaches in the northeast. The thermometers in the afternoon will show between 23 and 25 degrees.

By the end of the week, temperatures will catch up to the summer range – around and above 30 degrees. On Friday afternoon and evening, however, there will be conditions for thunderstorms with short-term precipitation in Northwest Bulgaria.

A similar type of local summer precipitation will form over the weekend. The passage of a cold atmospheric front will cause further cooling, more noticeable at the beginning of next week, when daytime temperatures will also drop.

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