The mayor of Karlovo expects over 600 volunteers in the affected villages today

The mayor of Karlovo expects over 600 volunteers in the affected villages today
The mayor of Karlovo expects over 600 volunteers in the affected villages today

600 volunteers are expected to come to the aid of the affected villages in Karlovsko today. This was stated to BNT by the mayor of Karlovo, Emil Kabaivanov.

According to him, the main task in the three villages is to bring the rivers back into their old beds and to create new dikes. The main roads in the area are also being cleared. “We must show today, and in the days and months ahead, that we must be united not only on holidays, but in difficult times. Today we expect over 600 volunteers, a large amount of equipment is working. We are under a lot of pressure, because the removal of the consequences will not be a one-time act for a day or two, we have months of hard work ahead of us,” noted Kabaivanov.

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Volunteers will help people clear their homes. The fallen trees will be removed, cut and distributed to the population. “We will work hard, you can be sure – we are on 24-hour mode”, assured Emil Kabaivanov.

On the website of the municipality of Karlovo, there is a published phone number, where requests and donations are accepted 24/7, and a bank account for donations has also been opened. “The funds that are being collected – up to yesterday they were BGN 50,000 and continuing – will mainly be for building materials with which people can rebuild their homes and for the purchase of the most necessary – food, clothes, blankets”, explained Kabaivanov.

She added that the flood-affected people in the villages around Karlovo need packaged food, canned goods and kitchen equipment, in addition to beds, mattresses, wardrobes, cupboards. There is enough drinking water for the time being.

“300 Bulgarian families are suffering and I want to call on our compatriots to prepare for a longer time during which we will help, because the campaign is not one day, one week or one month. In the coming months, all these families will need our help,” he said he too.

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