There is no way to fight against the elements, the state will help

There is no way to fight against the elements, the state will help
There is no way to fight against the elements, the state will help

From day one, the state has been conducting rescue operations to save all people. There is material damage, the elements strike in seconds, recovery takes time and effort. This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev, who was on a visit to the flood-affected villages of Karlovy Vary.

The Prime Minister emphasized that all the forces of the state are harnessed to restore the infrastructure and help the people. “Funds will be allocated, construction materials will be provided to restore material damage to people’s homes. Funds will be allocated to help every household that needs to know that the state is behind them. Temporary housing will be delivered to the people whose homes were destroyed,” he said, adding that the most affected villages were Bogdan and Karavelovo.

600 volunteers are expected to come to the aid of the affected villages in Karlovsko today. This is what the mayor of Karlovo, Emil Kaba, told BNT…

Prime Minister Donev said that a decision will be made by the Council of Ministers tomorrow, with which water and food will be allocated from the state reserve, including for Sopot, where there is a problem with drinking water. “A Council of Ministers will decide on the differentiated financial assistance to be granted to these households so that people can be calm. The applications for the restoration of the municipal infrastructure will be submitted through the municipality,” Donev said and promised that by the end of September, all the financial needs would be provided in order to overcome the damage.

Families who have schoolchildren will also be supported so that they can meet the first day of school with dignity. “The state has also thought about this,” Donev said.

Bogdan village after the flood (VIDEO)

He also commented on the causes of the disaster and stated that they will be further clarified. “You can see that there has been no rain for several days, but the river has a very high flow. There is no way to fight against the elements. The cause of the floods is the huge amounts of rain, not the fact that the river gorges have not been cleaned. Yes, cutting down the forest is also a problem, but this cutting is not indiscriminate, there is a permit for every cut tree. This is also proven by the photos, there is no indiscriminate logging, no violations,” Donev said.

The Stryama River rose three meters during the flood

During the disaster in the municipalities of Karlovo and Maritsa, when it rained 250 l/sq. m, the level of the Stryama River has risen by 3 meters…

He pointed out that all the institutions, the state, the volunteers who participate in the recovery of the damage from the disaster show that the strength lies in being united in our efforts to help all the affected citizens.

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