Will we survive the winter: Killing heating bills

Will we survive the winter: Killing heating bills
Will we survive the winter: Killing heating bills

Over BGN 1,000 per month for natural gas households

The most profitable heating it has air conditioning

Killer accounts for heating we will pay in the coming one winter. Whether you’re heating with steam, gas, wood or current costs will be significantly higher than last year. For example, Sofia residents will pay 27% more for heating than last year winter. If last year the heating bill was BGN 250, now it will be BGN 320.

Heatingthe one with air conditioning and heating will be the cheapest, according to calculations by the Trud newspaper based on current prices currentsteam, woodpropane-butane, pellets and briquettes. For heating with heating for an apartment of 80 sq. m in Sofia during one of the coldest months, for which last year the bill was BGN 320, in the upcoming winter the household will have to pay BGN 405, or BGN 85 more. For heating on the same apartment with gas or diesel fuel for just one month will require more than BGN 1,000.

The new heating price came into effect on July 1, 2022, when the price of gasand was significantly lower. In principle, the current price of heating should be valid until July 1, 2023. But the Association of Heating Companies has already stated that from January 1 a new increase in the price of heating by at least 60% is necessary due to the increase in the prices of gasa. A double increase in heating prices may also be required from 1 January 2023 if gasThe price continued to increase, and the government did not grant compensation to the heating companies. Then the bills for heating will become overwhelming for most people. NSI data show that 27% of people do not have enough money to heat their homes well. In the coming year, this share will grow significantly. From July 1, the price of heating and hot water was increased by nearly 30% on average, and for Sofia the increase is by 40%. In addition, VAT for heating and natural gas gas was reduced from 20 percent to 9 percent. As a result, the increase in the heating bills of the residents of Sofia will be about 27%, and the average increase for the country is 18%. For example, if in the last winter for the entire heating season, the heating bill was BGN 1,500, in the following year winter the household will have to pay over BGN 1,900, or over BGN 400 more. This makes about BGN 70 extra for each of the months during which the boiler works. At current prices, in the coldest months the bill will exceed BGN 400, and in the warmer months it can be half as much. But if the price of steam doubles as of January 1, the bills will be higher than a minimum wage, which the interim government has announced will propose to be BGN 770.

The alternatives for heating they are not cheap either. Heatingit through boiler of gas or diesel fuel is already extremely expensive, and the reason for this is the increase in fuel prices. And what will be the price of gasand through winterso we can only guess. The use of a boiler for current or LPG for heating it comes out cheaper, but the costs will also be significant. It is cheaper to use wood for firewood or eco-briquettes. As the costs for heating with eco-briquettes are approximately the same as with heating.

The most advantageous alternative for heating is the air conditioner. The reason for this is that modern air conditioners are extremely energy-saving and the ratio between released heat and consumed energy reaches 5 to 1. However, this depends on the energy class of the air conditioner. The most economical air conditioners are the hyperinverters. They have the highest transformation coefficients of energyso at heating and cooling. The initial investment for them is high, but it pays off over time. Heatingit with air conditioners a high-class one comes out almost twice cheaper than with a heating system and for an 80 sq. m. apartment at current prices it is less than BGN 200 per month.

The use of air conditioners now it is profitable because the price of currentand for households it is determined by KEVR and from July 1 it was increased by a little over 3%. But in the Recovery Plan, developed by the previous “Petkov” cabinet, it is written that households will also go to the free market of currentand this should be done in two stages – from 2023 and from 2025. If this happens, already in the next year the price of currentand for the household it can grow several times and heatingthe one with air conditioning will no longer be so profitable.

Boom in sales of air conditioners, promotion prices start at BGN 900.

Boom in sales of air conditioners traders report, after the price of heating rose by 30% on average for the country and it became clear that from January 1 there will probably be another price increase. People are giving up heating systems en masse and are looking for other options to heat their homes. The cheapest option for heating it has air conditioning. The prices of appliances are BGN 200-300 higher than last year, according to a check in large retail chains.

Inverter prices air conditioners they start from about BGN 900, and on promotion for devices with a power of about 2600 kilowatts and with very good energy-saving characteristics. The most expensive devices cost many times more, and their price can reach over BGN 6,000. Of course, they are also many times more powerful and very economical.

The price reaches BGN 200 per cubic meter

They are looking for more firewood, it is cheapest to cut it yourself

Twice as much interest in buying wood for firewood, forest farms report.

Huge interest in the purchase of wood for firewood in the last month are reported by forest farms throughout the country. Almost twice as many people have decided to heat themselves in this way compared to the last one winter, are categorical from the Ministry of Agriculture. The price has also increased twice compared to the previous one winter. As the reason for the increase, logging farms and wholesalers point to the growth of transport costs and those for wood extraction.

The cheapest way to get wood for firewood is to cut them and transport them yourself or, as this option is known, to buy them wood “at the root” of forestry farms. In this type of sale, people cut down marked trees themselves and transport them to their home. Thus, the price per cube is about BGN 10-15 for conifers and BGN 20-30 per cube of deciduous species.

In the central warehouses of the big cities, the price of wood is between BGN 70 and BGN 100 per cubic meter, but without transport. If it is included, the prices increase to BGN 140 per cubic meter. It is most expensive to buy wood from private resellers who, together with transport, offer the wood at prices up to BGN 180-200 per cubic meter. Last year, the price was twice as low – about BGN 90-100 per cubic meter.

They enter the election campaign

Mayors complain about irregular deliveries

The mayors of the settlements of the Shumen region en masse put before the regional governor Hristo Hristov the problem of the delay in the supply of wood for firewood. Village leaders explain that supplies are irregular, and this creates social tension among the people. Gorski are adamant that the work on the delivery of wood she didn’t stop.

The hysteria about woodfirewood is like the oil hysteria because of rumors of ever-increasing prices, forest officials commented. A concrete example of restocking people with wood came from the State Forestry in Kazanlak. The requested quantities in 2021 are 6,500 cc, and for this year they are 9,500 cc.

The state sells at prices of BGN 65-100 per cubic meter, but market prices vary around BGN 170-180. In order to prevent speculation, inspections are expected from the Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior-Stara Zagora.

The topic of dear ones wood also entered the election campaign. In Sliven, the regional governor Mincho Afuzov held a meeting with the forest chiefs and the management of the OD of the Ministry of the Interior. The reason for her were the doubts that in the lists of socially weak people they will receive wood at preferential prices, the names of certain political parties fall.

A sharp jump in demand for wood firewood is also available in Varna. The most wood they buy directly from forest warehouses at a price of BGN 66 per cubic meter. On the free market, the cube reaches 190 BGN. However, they also make lists because the price of ecological ones pellets in a year it doubled and continues to grow. A month ago, the stock exchanges sold the ton for BGN 830, now it is BGN 980 and it is difficult to find available quantities.

4-5 tons are needed for the whole winter

Suppliers make customer lists

Cheaper for the socially weak

The supply of wood is a problem due to insufficient quantities.

The prices of woodfor firewood in Veliko Tarnovo. The cube of wood now costs BGN 180, while in June it cost BGN 150. The supply of wood is also a problem due to insufficient quantities. Transportation to homes is paid for separately. The service costs between BGN 30 and BGN 80, depending on the remoteness of the settlement.

High demand has forced companies to make wish lists. Deliveries are delayed by at least a month.

They are almost twice as cheap woodfor firewood for the socially weak. The cube has an average price of BGN 60 for the area. However, for them, people have to hire transport because the state forest farms do not offer on-site delivery.

Logging for the requested quantities starts in September, and the initiative is carried out by the five state forestry farms in the district.

The population supply organization with wood for firewood is a commitment of the mayors who were involved in drawing up lists of the socially weak.

There is growth in the purchase of pellets. Their price has jumped from 830 to 900-1000 BGN per ton.

The industry explains this with the shortage of wood, which is the basic raw material for their production. Interest in pelletsthey are great because of their combustion efficiency and environmental friendliness.

For heatingone house needs 4-5 tons for the entire winter season. We made a request for such a quantity at the end of last year winter and until now the fuel has not been delivered to us”, said a resident of the village of Samovodene in Veliko Tarnovo.

Municipal buildings will use electricity

They pass on current because of bombastic prices

Many people switch to heating with air conditioners.

The inhabitants of Pirinsko will en masse switch to heating with current through winterwell, because of the prohibitive prices of gasand and pelletsthem. They mainly buy air conditioners or convectors. They take out loans or inwintert of payment.

There is no heating system in the region and thousands in recent years switched to heating with gas. Now people feel harmed because they are still paying off the loans taken out for gasthese installations. Another large part of the population is heated by heating pellets, but the accounts show that it will also come out “salty”. The lowest price for pellets is BGN 800 per ton and this shocked consumers. Most inwintert 4-5 thousand BGN loans to provide the warm for winterand others give up and move on current. Even public buildings are oriented towards heating on currentinstead gas, because the bills are overwhelming. Such an example is the municipality of Razlog, which this season will be heated with air conditioners.

In Burgas, they also buy en masse air conditioners. People are afraid that the heating and gasthey will be very expensive, so even though many households are gasbuy air conditionersto be prepared for winterso. “They will decide which one in a moment heating will choose. Everyone is waiting to see what the first bills will be current and gasand depending on the amounts, determine what they will use”, revealed burgaslii.

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