Vesela Lecheva fired the legendary Baba Rozka (VIDEO)

Vesela Lecheva fired the legendary Baba Rozka (VIDEO)
Vesela Lecheva fired the legendary Baba Rozka (VIDEO)


The official Minister of Sports Vesela Lecheva has terminated the civil contract of the legendary Rozka Stancheva, better known as Baba Rozka. This was revealed by the former sports minister Radostin Vassilevwho in May appointed 90-year-old Stancheva to work in the Ministry of Sports.

As of September 1, Baba Rozka’s contract has been terminated, Vassilev shared on his Facebook profile. In recent years, Rozka Stancheva has been fighting for her survival, being forced to rummage through garbage cans. Radostin Vassilev lent her a hand by appointing her as her adviser while he was the sports minister.

Here is what Radostin Vassilev wrote on Facebook:

“Dear friends,

Most of you know very well who Rozka Stancheva is, better known as Baba Rozka. A 90-year-old legend who has been a symbol of the abdication of the state by athletes for the past 30 years. An old lady who was forced to rummage through garbage cans and live a life no pensioner deserves. Many other retirees share her fate.

In the month of May, I invited Baba Rozka to work at MMS and tried to show that she can be a good example and inspiration. I appointed her as my civil contract advisor to show that goodness can be contagious.

As of September 1, her contract was terminated by Vesela Lecheva. An absolute shame.

During the last month, I have been very carefully observing the statements and actions of Mrs. Vesela Lecheva, who is mainly concerned with the release of people appointed by me and my administration and the restoration of totally discredited people, whom she calls experts. I have not taken a stand on the unjustified dismissals of Vesela Lecheva for no other reason than because I know that these are quality and competent young people who will find work without a problem.

However, with the release of Baba Rozka, a provocation was made not to me, but a provocation to the good, a provocation to the desire for change, a provocation to all of us.

I don’t want to believe that the millionaire Vesela Lecheva envied Rozka Stancheva or that the proverb “The full of the hungry does not believe” is confirmed.

Shame on the day of the Unification of Bulgaria!”

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