Slavi Trifonov: Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated (video)

Slavi Trifonov: Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated (video)
Slavi Trifonov: Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated (video)

The leader of “There is such a people” Slavi Trifonov chose September 6 – the Day of Unification to answer the questions of his voters and fans. He called for them to start asking at the beginning of the week via his Facebook profile.

This is what Trifonov also wrote then: “I have taken many interviews and given interviews. Not many, but I have given. But I think that the most important interview is the one in which you ask the questions, because your questions are sincere, frank and important .

Therefore, I will give you an interview on September 6 at 6 pm on “Sedem-Osmi TV” and on my Facebook page. Those of you who want to ask me a question in a video link, send me a private message here on my Facebook page.

I await your questions with a great sense of responsibility and impatience,” the ITN leader announced a few days ago.

The deputy chairman of the party, screenwriter Ivaylo Valchev, took the role of asking their questions today, and Triifonov answered for almost an hour and a half.

“The rumors about my death are greatly exaggerated” – this is how Slavi Trifonov answered the first question of his colleague “Are you alive? How are you?”.

When asked by the audience which of the three he likes more – Boyko Borisov, Kiril Petkov or Asen Vassilev, he answered: “I don’t like all three of them at all. Their mentality is the same – they want to have power so much that they are ready for anything in the name of that power”.

When will he show the declaration of his condition and property, the viewers also asked him. “According to the law, if you don’t submit a declaration, you provoke the control authorities to check you. It shows what you have, what you acquired, when you acquired it… Whether they check everyone, I can’t say. But in any case they are checking me because I provoked such a check. The most important thing about it is whether there is something impure; something that is not white in front of the state and the control authorities. There are no such things with me. This is the truth,” said the ITN leader.

He announced that this morning he transferred BGN 10,000 for the victims of the floods in Karlovsko. “From my personal money, which KOMPI, etc. checked, not from the subsidy,” emphasized Trifonov.

Asked about his relations with the DPS and Ahmed Dogan, the ITN leader was unexpectedly sharp: “The DPS has become a conglomerate of politics and business, which has begun to look like something very dangerous.” Trifonov claimed that he had not seen Dogan for years when he interviewed him.

The leader of ITN shared that he uses a Belgian sociological agency to study electoral attitudes, not their Bulgarian colleagues. “And why is that, dear children, I have no idea, but you are intelligent enough to be able to answer this question yourself,” he stated ironically.

“Deputies are bought by Kiril Petkov, and now this became clear in the elections,” the ITN leader also said.

“We will do what we can as long as we can. Cyril and Assen should be out of the executive branch because they are harmful. Then this referendum should be passed (for a presidential republic – note ed.) and things can change… Sami against all the foodies, together with you, dear compatriots,” he also said.

“There is such a people” has the main mission of doing everything possible to implement the proposed referendum on whether Bulgaria should become a presidential republic. “We are talking about a referendum on whether Bulgaria should switch to another form of government. The question will not be asked that way, because I follow what is said on the Internet. The question will be asked whether a Grand National Assembly should be convened to adopt change in state management,” said Trifonov.

Asked when he last met Rumen Radev, he reflected: “I can’t remember… it was a long time ago… There is absolutely nothing to do with this idea (for the referendum – note ed.). It is from an interview I had with Zhelyu Zhelev 10 years ago – about the clear responsibility of one person. But that is for the people to decide. There are absolutely no conversations with Rumen Radev on this issue. This is our initiative (ITN), the president is not involved. We supported him in the elections because we like him, we like his moral code… I support the president, but he has nothing to do with what I do.”

And to the question of whether we will see him as a candidate for president, the ITN leader answered with a categorical “No!”. He also stated that after the elections they will not form a coalition with GERB.

“There is no ex-singer, just as there is no ex-fool. It’s just, unfortunately, if you’re dumb, it’s forever,” he also said, but did not specify whether he was referring to Petkov’s recent remark about him.

Trifonov also used a quote from the movie “The Seven Samurai”: “In the end, the peasants always win.” And I’m a peasant”.

He believes that it will be very difficult to form a government, “because there is a huge intolerance of the parties towards each other, as well as too strong egos – of Petkov and Vassilev. Even if it is formed, it will not last long”, predicts Slavi Trifonov .

“The Bulgarian is an individualist, but he needs catharsis – to understand that only together we can do something,” he added.

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