The situation at the Zaporizhia NPP is “unstoppable”, according to a UN report. A security zone is required

Report of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the current situation at Ukraine’s Zaporozhye power plant is “unmanageable” and there is an “urgent need for interim measures” to avoid a nuclear accident. The agency is a UN agency, and the report was published on Tuesday.

The IAEA released the report following a recent visit by UN inspectors to the plant. The Director General of the IAEA Raphael Grossi, who led the inspection team last week, was due to brief the UN Security Council on Tuesday about its findings. Two inspectors from the IAEA mission remained at headquarters.

In the report, the agency called on Russia and Ukraine to establish a “nuclear safety and security buffer zone” around the plant and said shelling of the plant and its surroundings must stop immediately to avoid further damage on site and ensure the safety of operational personnel .

The plant was taken over by the Russian military, but is run by Ukrainian technicians. The report said the best course of action to ensure the safety of the plant and all other Ukrainian nuclear facilities “would be to end this armed conflict now”.

The IAEA says it is ready to “immediately” begin consultations that would lead to the “urgent establishment” of a security zone at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

The report also said the situation was unprecedented as it was the first time a military conflict had occurred among the facilities of a major nuclear power plant.

Shelling continues around the plant after it was once again disconnected from Ukraine’s electricity grid and left to rely on its own power to operate its safety systems.

The report also listed damage to parts of the plant and recommended improvements in conditions for Ukrainian personnel. According to the analysis, it is “under constant high stress and pressure” which “could lead to an increase in human error with implications for nuclear safety”.

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