LIVE: Celtic 0-0 Real Madrid, passes for Real – Soccer World – Champions League

LIVE: Celtic 0-0 Real Madrid, passes for Real – Soccer World – Champions League
LIVE: Celtic 0-0 Real Madrid, passes for Real – Soccer World – Champions League

The teams of Celtic and Real Madrid are playing with a score of 0:0 in one of the most interesting matches of the first round of the group stage in the Champions League. The match started at 22:00, and on the website we will follow the most interesting moments of the match minute by minute.

Already in the 25th second, Celtic could have surprised the giant Real Madrid, but Liel Abada’s shot was blocked by a “los blancos” defender. A corner followed, from which nothing dangerous came, and seconds later in the 2nd minute the inspired Scots took another corner, after a scramble in the penalty area, the ball found its way safely into the hands of Courtois.

Vinicius showed his speed and good technique as he broke into the Celtic half in the 4th minute. The visitors’ wing was stopped with a foul. Toni Kroos did the trick, playing the ball back to Frederico Valverde, who crossed, but the ball was calmly cleared by the hosts.

A superb double pass between Vinicius and Benzema gave Real Madrid another opportunity in the 11th minute. Vinicius crossed to the Frenchman, who, after the double pass, broke free at the second post. However, Benzema failed to aim the ball well and a shot never came, instead Luka Modric got to the ball but shot into the body of a defender.

A good Celtic counter-attack in the 13th minute led to the home side’s first shot on target of the game. Once again, Lial Abada had found himself at the forefront of the attack after Real’s defense sagged. The Israeli failed to make the most of it and fired the ball too lightly and straight into the middle of the goal, which Courtois had no trouble catching.

Celtic continued to persevere and in the 21st minute a very tight shot from Callum McGregor hit the post and went out. The football player of the home team shot from outside the penalty area, and only luck saved the Spanish team after Courtois did not even move on the goal line.

The Scottish team looked like the stronger one on the field, in the 26th minute, Reo Hatate again made a good break in the “los blancos” penalty area. The Japanese tried to pass to the penalty spot, but the ball ricocheted into the goal. Very bad news for Real Madrid just a minute later – Karim Benzema clutched his leg and began limping. The Frenchman seems to have a knee problem. A little later in the 30th minute, Eden Hazard came on to replace Karim Benzema. This is definitely not good news for Carlo Ancelotti.

Although Real Madrid had more possession, Celtic looked the more dangerous team. Especially without Karim Benzema on the pitch.

Luka Modric showed his technique and played the Japanese Reo Hakate several times in the Celtic penalty area. The Croatian cut back to Dani Carvajal, who sent a low cross to substitute Eden Hazard. The Belgian failed to hit the ball. Just a minute later in the 43rd, Vinicius broke away and came face-to-face with Joe Hart, but his shot was no good and the Englishman made a crucial save to keep the score level.


The composition of the two teams:

Celtic: 1. Joe Hart, 11. Liel Abada, 17. Jota, 6. Moritz Jentz, 20. Carter-Vickers, 42. Callum McGregor, 33. Matthew O’Reilly, 3. Greg Taylor, 11. Reo Hatate, 88. Yosil Yuranovich, 7. Yorgos Yakumakis

Head Coach: Angelos Postecoglou

Real Madrid: 1. Courtois, 4. David Alaba, 3. Eder Militao, 23. Ferland Mendy, 15. Frederico Valverde, 2. Dani Carvajal, 10. Luka Modric, 18. Aurelian Chuameni, 8. Toni Kroos, 20. Vinicius Junior, 9 Karim Benzema

Head Coach: Carlo Ancelotti

Stadium: Celtic Park

Chief Judge: Sandro Scherer

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