What is the most suitable profession according to the date of birth?

What is the most suitable profession according to the date of birth?
What is the most suitable profession according to the date of birth?

There are several calculation methods to learn how to choose the best profession for yourself. As a rule, the future profession is determined based on the number of the Soul.

According to the number of the Soul

Calculating the Soul Number is very simple. If a person is born from the 1st to the 9th day of the month, then the Soul number is any of these numbers. For those born between the 10th and the 31st, you only need to add the 2 digits of your birthday. So, for example, if a person is born on July 21, their soul number will be 3. If their date of birth is October 22, it will be 4.

What professions are suitable for different numbers?

The number 1

Such a person is under the strong influence of the Sun. This makes him strong, brave and prone to leadership. Therefore, the occupations “units” are suitable for the respective:

  • manager;
  • a politician;
  • a teacher;
  • military.

The number 2

People with soul number 2 are especially susceptible to the influence of the Moon. It enhances a person’s intuition, makes them more diplomatic and able to feel compassion for others. Professions such as doctor (speech therapist, therapist, pediatrician), psychologist, diplomat or consultant are great for him.

The number 3

Triples are influenced by Jupiter. For this reason, they get along well with people. They become good doctors, teachers, journalists, lawyers. In addition, “threes” are great for creative professions. They can succeed in fields like writing, acting, film making. Their weaknesses are impatience and intolerance.

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The number 4

Quads are ruled by the planet Rahu. Like the Moon, it is responsible for such qualities as intuition and the ability to find a common language with people. At the same time, “fours” are more practical than “couples” and strive for stability in life. They are suitable for the following specialties:

  • brokers;
  • sales managers;
  • recruiting professionals;
  • programmers and designers;
  • merchants.

The number 5

These people are influenced by the planet Mercury. They are distinguished by an excellent sense of humor, sociability, intelligence and a penchant for foreign languages. They are very suitable for such specialties as speaker, journalist, analyst, writer, consultant, marketer.

The number 6

A person whose Soul number is 6 is under the influence of Venus. They are creative and like to take care of others. They are suitable for such professions:

  • beautician;
  • an artist, poet or writer;
  • stylist and hairdresser;
  • designer;
  • employee of a charitable foundation;
  • an employee of a shelter or children’s center.

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The number 7

Sevens are ruled by the mystical planet Ketu. This makes them very strong, balanced, observant and tend to see the true nature of things. That is why they become excellent astrologers, psychologists, theologians, historians or writers. Such people like to control the work process and watch how others create something new under their leadership.

The number 8

If a person’s soul number is 8, he is under the influence of Saturn and is distinguished by qualities such as wisdom, caution, endurance, strength, seriousness and devotion. He will make an excellent politician, civil servant, editor, bank or tax official, secretary, teacher or philosopher.

The number 9

They are strongly influenced by Mars and endows them with determination, perseverance and independence. Therefore, they make excellent guides, spirit guides, testers, hunters or foresters, and doctors. They absolutely do not fit into monotonous work. They find it difficult to adhere to strict rules and succeed where they are given independence.

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