Eddie Nazarian: I realized that there is no need to rush and that nothing is at any cost

Eddie Nazarian: I realized that there is no need to rush and that nothing is at any cost
Eddie Nazarian: I realized that there is no need to rush and that nothing is at any cost

Edmond Nazaryan, the big star in the new generation of Bulgarian wrestling, spoke exclusively for the program “Code Sport” on RING.

The 20-year-old burst onto the scene in 2020 with a men’s European title at the Rome Championships, and this year took silver at the continental championships in Budapest. The son of the legendary two-time Olympic champion Armen Nazaryan is aiming for a new honor next week at the world championships in Belgrade.

We offer highlights from the interview with Edmond Nazarian:

– Edmond, in 2021 he fell into the injury trap – almost a year of suffering. How much damage did the injuries do to you? How did you manage to get out of the difficult situation? What is all this costing you?

– Yes, there were really difficult times with these injuries, because it stops everything – both training and thinking. You think to develop, and it brings you back to rest, to sleep. You don’t know what state you’re in when you’re traumatized. You don’t know if you will continue because it was a serious injury. I had a herniated disc in my neck. He couldn’t even lift a cup or do anything with my right hand. I was so bad. But about two months passed in this state and somehow I managed to survive it. I came back slowly.

Two brothers made it to the national wrestling team for the upcoming world championships in Sofia

The fights begin on Monday, August 15

– You are 20 years old and really at the start of your career in men’s wrestling. What lessons did this difficult period teach you? The losses that came unexpectedly after you burst onto the European stage with a title in Rome 2020 – has your thinking changed?

– Yes, I understood that everything has its time. There should be no rush. This injury happened in a hurry. I wanted to quickly enter the men, quickly catch up. All this reflected and backfired. I realized that one should not rush, but work calmly and that nothing comes at any price. To be a maximalist again, but to have inner peace, not to rush. To know that one day your time will come and you will get what you want from life.

– I believe this is your personal trainer Emil Ivanov, whom you call the Swiss, because he is precise, consistent in his actions, and not only because he fought in the Swiss Bundesliga. You train with him on an experimental program and sometimes outside the national team. How do you feel? How does this training model affect you?

– It has a very good effect. Bat Emo and I get along very well. He has been my coach since I was little. Just by looking at each other, we understand each other without words. He is really a great specialist. You could say a professor in wrestling! It helps me a lot. He helped me get back on my feet, get back into the fight more fired up. So far, things are working out, God willing, let’s continue like this and be happy with our results. He has invested a lot in me and it is also a great joy for him, so we help each other.

– In the new situation, what is the role of your father, the legendary Armen Nazaryan? How far is it from you or do you already have a new contact system in your preparation?

– Yes, he is no longer with me constantly, but we talk, he helps me with his advice, he still supports me, he comes to competitions. He shouts, gives his emotions, although sometimes he strains with them. But it also gives me a lot of strength. 50 for 50.

– Did the great expectations for titles and medals return to you today? How heavy are the comparisons with your father and the wishes to surpass him in the number of awards?

– Yes, expectations have risen already this year. The comparison really weighs a little, not even a little, but a lot, but I have chosen this path. I have to prove that I can. I know, I feel that I can do it, it just takes a lot of work, a lot of deprivation, peace of mind and things will come. I believe in this thing.

– How do you feel at the start of the World Cup? Do you have power, as they say in wrestling slang? Are you an optimist or a bit more reserved as a hopeful?

– Yes, I have electricity, then I will surely have more. My father and the coach need to create it for me a little, to get me excited. I feel good, thank God. Hope he performs well. I know I can.

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