I give advantage to CSKA against Slavia because of the class

I give advantage to CSKA against Slavia because of the class
I give advantage to CSKA against Slavia because of the class

“It will be difficult for someone to dethrone Ludogorets this year,” he believes.

Anatoli Nankov, who was part of Stoycho Mladenov’s coaching staff last season in CSKA, commented on the upcoming match of the “Reds” against Slavia.

Tolyata spoke flatteringly about the coach of the “Army” Sasha Ilich and took a stand on the hottest topics and events in his hometown.

– Mr. Nankov, what are your expectations from the match CSKA – Slavia, which will be played exactly one year after the 1:1 draw with the “whites” of the “Army”, when you were the assistant coach of the “reds”?

– I remember it very well, we missed a lot of chances and in the end it was 1:1. Now I expect CSKA to win. Last year, our schedule was busier because we played in the groups of the Conference League and the cycle was more condensed. Now the relegation from Basel is a “plus” for the championship and they will have time to restore the players to be in the best shape in the championship.

– How do you expect the match to develop this time?

– Slavia is a strong team with good players, but CSKA is the more experienced and classier team. It will not be an easy match, but the “reds” have accumulated victories and self-confidence in the championship. It is also a plus that the match is against the “Army”.

– How much will the separation with Radi Kirilov and Ion Baquero last month weigh on the “Whites”?

– This is inevitable, but in Slavia they work in this direction and the club does not stop players who can realize themselves at a better level. That’s their policy.

– How will the coaching clash, which again pits two Serbian mentors against each other, go?

– Zagorcic is much more experienced than Ilic. He has more experience as a coach and has worked in Slavia for many years, knows the Bulgarian championship very well. Experience is in Zaghi’s favor. Ilitch is a young and ambitious mentor, just entering the profession and doing well. I give advantage to CSKA mostly because of the class.

– Is Ilic already able to build a backbone in the two months after the start of the season?

– Yes, although in the European tournaments Ilyich made more rotations. But the matches won’t be so frequent anymore and he won’t rotate the squad, he has a built backbone and quite a few new additions after the trio brought in the other day.

– What do you think of the three players taken during the week, Marcelino Carreasso, Girair Shagoyan and Simeon Alexandrov?

– I don’t know the Colombian, I haven’t seen the Armenian either, but he was a great talent. They are yet to get into a rhythm, but since they are in CSKA, they have qualities. For Alexandrov, I think he is an excellent signing – with great qualities and a huge future. Plays with confidence. I watched him 2-3 games with Septemvri and he made an excellent impression on me. I am happy that a young Bulgarian football player will be forced into CSKA and I am convinced that he will raise his class even more here.

– You mentioned the European tournaments, was Basel an insurmountable obstacle?

– I think that Basel from two years ago, when CSKA entered the groups after 3:1 in Switzerland, is a stronger team than the current one. A completely changed team with a new coach, with classy players, but without much experience. It was seen that CSKA was superior in Sofia, but could not take a bigger lead. The time for docking did not come, the selection was made on the fly and not everyone was able to play. If most of the new ones were taken at the beginning of the preparation, CSKA would have a better chance.

– And what are your impressions of the new ones that have already played? Also Mauricio Garces and Brian Moreno look reborn…

– Garces is performing at a good level, he plays excellently with his head and his adaptation seems to be over now. Specifically for Moreno – he’s getting some playing time and still has a lot to show for it. The Norwegian Lindseth makes an excellent impression on me – very capable, operates on a large perimeter and he is perhaps one of the best additions to CSKA. Strikers Bamba and Nazon have been in the team for too short a time and there is much to be desired from them. Left back De Neuer is not a bad player either.

– Is the goal of a championship title achievable for CSKA this season?

– Ludogorets are playing well, they also beat Roma that day. A lot of work will be needed in CSKA and in Levski to reach their level. It will be difficult for someone to dethrone Ludogorets this year as well. CSKA 1948 are also a good team, they made strong purchases in the last month. But the contenders have not yet reached the class of residents of Zagreb.

– Mentioning FC CSKA 1948, how do you accept the insults to your colleague Stoycho Mladenov and to other big figures from the “red” history in the match with CSKA of the “Army”?

– I don’t accept them. It’s not nice for legends of the club and people who gave CSKA so much to be insulted like that. I do not approve of such behavior, it is not right. They have defended the colors of CSKA, they are part of the club’s history and such things should not happen.

– Where is your professional path leading now?

– I’m waiting for something to come out and start working. I have been resting well since April. I hope an offer will appear soon.

– Will it be the new challenge as a head coach after Stoicho Mladenov is done with the profession and you will not be his assistant?

– Possibly – yes. I was a head coach before I started with Mladenov. Let an offer come out and I’d be happy to continue as a senior.

– Has there been an inquiry for you to work at FC CSKA 1948?

– No. I don’t have an offer and it’s never been a question.

– Are you drawn abroad again and is it possible to continue in the same headquarters with Todor Yanchev?

– I have worked with Stoycho Mladenov for many years both abroad and in Bulgaria. Our profession is such that wherever there is a need, I will work there. We hear from Toshko, but nothing is known. Let a job offer come first. So far, nothing like that has happened, but I have the attitude and I’m ready to start.

– Finally, will you visit the derby next week and how do you think Levski?

– Of course I will watch it at the stadium. I know Levski’s coaching team very well, we worked in Kazakhstan for a long time. Murray Stoilov and Tsanko Tsvetanov are a great tandem and it cannot be denied what they have done in 7-8 months, but I hope CSKA will win.

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