This is what the protesters in Sinemorets want from the office

This is what the protesters in Sinemorets want from the office
This is what the protesters in Sinemorets want from the office

A draft of an ordinance from 2 years ago is “maturing” in someone’s office in the Ministry of Regional Planning and Development, and he solves all the problems, said Maria Indjova – Chair of the Tourism Alliance for the South-Eastern Region

11 September 2022Sunday, 12:51 p.m.

Author: Georgi RUSCHEV

The restriction of the owners to implement their projects is due to corporate interests and politicking, commented those dissatisfied with the bridge on the Veleka River

The caretaker government should take sustainable decisions and solve the land problem in the “Polyanyte” area near Sinemorets, because everything done so far, which limits the owners of land there, was dictated by political interests. This is what Maria Indjova – chairperson of the Tourism Alliance for the South-East Region – said regarding the reason for today’s protest, which blocked the bridge over the Veleka River.

Indjova pointed out to journalists that for more than 30 years, corporate interests have stopped the implementation of ideas of land owners in the beautiful area and they cannot implement their projects, which represent a local investment.

Sinemorets rebelled against environmentalists like Toma Belev

“Two years ago, a draft regulation to the Territorial Planning Act was prepared, specifically for the Bulgarian coast, which solves all our problems. However, this is not happening because civil servants and the administration in general does not seem to want to do its job. We are waiting for a signature from the ministers of regional development and public works, under whose umbrella everything is here, from that of tourism, of agriculture, of the environment and water, and from that of tourism. The caretaker government can do all this,” said Injova.

She also touched on the painful topic for the municipality of Tsarevo for years – the lack of an adopted General Development Plan, despite the decision of a 5-member panel of the Supreme Administrative Court, by which it was confirmed back in 2014. According to her, at the request of the EU, by January 1, 2023 – after only 3 months, every municipality in our country must have an adopted OMP, and if there is none – we are subject to sanctions. Indjova did not rule out the possibility of a similar situation occurring in the area of ​​”Polyanyte” with Coral beach, as according to her the regional inspection (RIOSV) has no opinion, but in the case they wrote that by the end of November of this year “Strandja Park” should be reviewed, along with which protected areas “and errors should be corrected.”

“That means there will be a new plan. Everything is new with every government, and it shouldn’t be like that,” she said.

Under the guise of today’s protest was a candidate for People’s Representative from the 2nd MIR-Burgas from “Democratic Bulgaria” – environmentalist Nikolay Naydenov

At the protest today, the presence of a man with a yellow T-shirt and a bicycle, who stood aside from the disaffected, made an impression. He turned out to be the candidate for People’s Representative from the 2nd MIR-Burgas from the list of “Democratic Bulgaria” – Nikolay Naydenov. He was immediately recognized as a politician by the protesters and as part of the “enemies” of the group that was trying today to protect its interests. Naydenov tried to explain that he attended the rally as an environmentalist and that “no one can make him leave.” In the end, however, the cyclist left after being shooed away by the protesters with profanity.

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