A sociologist alarmed us, he said who can change the vote

A sociologist alarmed us, he said who can change the vote
A sociologist alarmed us, he said who can change the vote

It is still very difficult to predict what the outcome of the elections would be, but the current results to a large extent reproduce the picture from the survey in October 2021, sociologist from the Market Links agency Dobromir Zhivkov told BNR.

“We have almost similar starting positions of the main political forces that were in the last National Assembly. GERB, BSP, DPS and DB have a clearly defined electoral profile. They have already mobilized a large part of their party cores and are close to the maximum electoral result they could achieve,” explained the expert.

It is difficult to predict the result of the PP, he explained: “There is a strong volatility in their electoral support. Their result varies from 17% to 22-23%”.

At the moment, relatively low voter turnout is expected, but we have a higher share of people who have not decided who they will vote for, reported Zhivkov.

“Bulgarian Rise” and “There is such a people” are close to the barrier of 4 percent, but we cannot say who is above and who is below this line, the sociologist explained. “These are studies where there can always be bias,” he pointed out.

It is difficult to predict how many people will vote, Zhivkov explained. “The campaign is sluggish at the moment. I expect that in the last two weeks there will be a higher degree of politicization of our society, which will also lead to higher voter turnout. So far, we have not even reached the levels we had in the fall of 2001.”

Politicians largely shape public attitudes and moods, believes Zhivkov. “Fears about prices and inflation are important, but some politicians have been able to use it cleverly. There is a downplaying of this campaign and its messages to awakening people’s existential anxieties. This is a primitive way of thinking of Bulgarian citizens”.

When we talk about the prices of energy carriers, there are not many people who can make accurate calculations of what it means for us to have heating that is not so cheap, he explained. “Here, the play is rather with some imaginary fear that something bad will happen. We experience one or two crises every year. Many people already perceive the situation in its not very realistic version and are prepared, others do not believe that we will experience such a serious crisis”.

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