LIVE: Real Madrid 3:1 Mallorca – Soccer World – Spain

LIVE: Real Madrid 3:1 Mallorca – Soccer World – Spain
LIVE: Real Madrid 3:1 Mallorca – Soccer World – Spain

Real Madrid and Mallorca play at 3:1 in a match of the 5th round of La Liga. Vedat Murici put the visitors ahead in the 35th minute, Fede Valverde equalized in first-half stoppage time. The complete turnaround was brought by the Brazilians Vinicius (72) and Rodrigo (89).

The Mallorca team could have taken the lead in the 1st minute, after the “white” defense arrogantly followed an attack by Murici, who also made a good shot, but the goalkeeper Courtois cleared. Ancelotti’s team responded with a shot from distance by Dani Ceballos, which, however, did not hinder Mallorca’s guard – Rajkovic.

A great chance in the 10th minute was given to Vinicius, who was found with a long pass and easily escaped the visitors’ defense. Before striking, however, he took the ball longer and this allowed Predrag Rajkovic to intervene and prevent the danger. A shooting position also opened up for Toni Kroos in the 14th minute, but his technical shot went wide of the Mallorca goal. He again two minutes later tried to find the target from a direct free kick, but the ball hit the wall.

In the 20th minute, Rodrigo ran half the field and sent a strong shot, which, however, disappointed the spectators of the “Santiago Bernabeu”. Seven minutes later he made another attempt to open the scoring, but this time Rajkovic saved. An awkward moment in the 29th minute brought the game to a halt for a while. Ceballos’ cannonball hit the head of Rodrigo Battaglia, who crumpled to the grass. However, the intervention of the medical staff quickly brought the Mallorca midfielder back into the game.

Surprisingly, the result was opened by Mallorca. In the 35th, Vedat Murici headed home a cross from Lee’s foul, also benefiting from the hesitation of Courtois and the defenders in front of him.

Three minutes after the visiting team’s goal, Vinicius Junior asked for a penalty, but the referee decided that there was none. At the end of the first half, Vinicius Junior brought the stands to their feet with a terrific shot, which, however, went wide of the goal.

In the 4th minute of added time, Fede Valverde equalized with a fantastic goal. He took the ball in his own half and walked between Mallorca’s defense before sending a real shot into Rajkovic’s top right goal – 1:1.

The second half started with expected pressure from the home team, but it did not cause problems for the Mallorca goalkeeper. In the 55th minute, Toni Kroos with an excellent pass led Vinicius to the left flank, and the Brazilian shot a pass into the penalty area. There, however, Rodrigo was skillfully blocked by Mallorca’s defenders and there was no shot. Half an hour before the end of the match Modric and Nacho appeared in the game for Real, who took the places of Hazard and Mendy. The Kings could have found themselves playing catch-up again in the 64th minute after dropping substitute Antonio Sanchez, but he missed the target from a few yards out.

The turnaround happened in the 72nd minute. Luka Modric picked up another attack and provided a good ball to Rodrigo. Without delay, he diverted it to Vinicius, who coolly shot past the visitors’ goalkeeper for 2:1.

In the last ten minutes, the Majorca team took a bolder look at the opponent’s goal, and the result was several corners in a row.


0:1 Vedat Murici (35)

1:1 Fede Valverde (45+4)

2:1 Vinicius (72)

3:1 Rodrigo (89)

REAL M: Courtois, Vasquez, Rudiger, Alaba, Mendy, Kroos, Sebayos, Valverde, Vinicius, Rodrigo, Hazard

MALLORCA: Rajkovic, Valent, Raijo, Nastasic, Maffeo, De Galaretta, Battaglia, Costa, Rodriguez, Lee, Murici

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