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Today, millions of people know what Ruzha Ignatova looks like. They know her style, her confidence, her voice. They’ve seen her a thousand times. Europol, Interpol and the FBI are also on her trail. But for nearly 5 years now, Dr. Ruzha Ignatova has been undetectable, bTV reports.

After Ruzha Ignatova’s project successfully deceived the whole world for years, in 2016 her lies began to come to light.

The crypto queen likes to work with the best. He can afford it. That’s how it came to the Norwegian developer Björn Bjerke. OneCoin invites him to make a new blockchain for them, without which cryptocurrency cannot exist, for a high salary, writes British journalist Jamie Bartlett in his book dedicated to Ruzha Ignatova.

“Blockchain means a decentralized structure. This means that at any given moment, every participant in this blockchain knows what transactions are taking place. We cannot know who is the owner of a given wallet, but we see that from wallet “A” in “B” there is an ordered amount in different cryptocurrencies”, explained Lubo Tulev, an expert in cyber security.

Bjerke researched the company and turned down the job. But it is starting to follow OneCoin closely. And he finds out – no one has created a new blockchain. However, the investors, as they are called then, do not know this. And they continue to invest their money.

Ruza Ignatova is wanted by the FBI

The FBI is bringing charges against Gilbert Armenta, who is Ruzha Ignatova’s business partner. Ruza’s brother himself calls him her lover and money launderer. This is a financier with whom she intended to live together.

Ignatova is not completely sure of his feelings and decides to start eavesdropping on him, like pays a spy and rents an apartment next door to his home.

Ruza realizes that her suspicions are true and Armenta will not leave his wife. Several conversations between them followed, which were recorded by the FBI.

Well, the two argue about their relationship. In a subsequent conversation, she warns him that they are being eavesdropped and their correspondence is being monitored.

The last we know about Ruza Ignatova is from October 25, 2017. Early that day, she and one of her bodyguards board a low-cost airline. And a little before 7 o’clock they take off for Athens. That evening, her bodyguard returns to Bulgaria alone.

Former spy Frank Schneider has been in charge of Roža’s security since 2015. About a month ago, in an interview with an Italian publication, he said that until the end, the Crypto Queen had “her own people” among the authorities in Sofia, who gave her information when to return and leave our country.

It was they who advised her to leave Bulgaria so that she would not be detained, he claims.

According to the former spy, after Athens, Ignatova flew to Thessaloniki. From there she had to return to Bulgaria by car, without her entry being registered, she told him herself.

They agreed to meet next week. But at night he received an SMS with an incomprehensible message – “safe home” – in literal translation “safe home”.

The message

In addition to Bulgaria, Ruza had contacts with people from the authorities and abroad. Among them is a sheikh from Dubai.

While Ruzha is on display, she mostly deals with her business. It is clear from the commercial register that over the years the manager of some of her companies was her mother – Veska Ignatova. Her brother Konstantin was her assistant.

After her disappearance, he takes the stage. Business trips around the world begin. Until March 6, 2019, when returning from a business trip from the USA, Konstantin Ignatov was detained at the airport in Los Angeles.

During his arrest, powers of attorney and other documents dated after her disappearance were found in his phone and computers.

In his testimony, Constantine claimed they were forgeries. Photographs show that around the dates of the powers of attorney signed by Ruza, he was in Dubai.

Half a year after his arrest, Ignatov pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. So if the CryptoQueen is ever discovered, her brother will have to testify against her.

At the moment, Ruzha is the only woman among the 10 most wanted by the FBI. In the last 72 years, a total of 11 women have been on this list.

The FBI is offering a $100,000 reward for information about the crypto queen that can help her capture. She may be traveling with armed guards or may have changed her appearance.

Another possibility, according to British journalist Jamie Bartlett, is that Ruzha Ignatova is somewhere on a boat, in the sea around Greece in international waters. A few weeks ago, the Greek police made an operation to capture the Crypto Queen after reports that she was spotted there, but they did not find her.


Ruza Ignatova’s yacht

Her relatives also claim that they do not know where Ignatova is. Her uncle told her that he hadn’t seen her in 7 years.

And so while everyone is looking for Ruza, it seems that in some parts of the world, her business continues to grow. For example, the emblematic buildings in Sofia are no longer hers. But the head office remains leased.


The central office of OneCoin in Sofia

There are dozens of profiles and groups on social networks from all over the world promoting OneCoin and its subsidiary OneLife. In some of them we see that events continue to be organized. Mostly online. Allegedly new coins and tokens are also offered as a chance to get rich quickly and this time – for sure.

Whether the number of deceived continues to increase – we can only guess. However, about 8 years after the start of OneCoin, it is clear – millions of people have been defrauded of billions of dollars.

The USA and Germany are the countries that want to try Ruzha Ignatova. The plot with the fraud and the life of the crypto queen – Dr. Ruzha Ignatova is worthy of a movie. This did not go unnoticed by Hollywood. Now we are waiting for the film with the working title: Fake!, inspired entirely by the financial pyramid of Bulgarian origin./

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