Why in Europe they don’t want to give visas to Turkish citizens

Why in Europe they don’t want to give visas to Turkish citizens
Why in Europe they don’t want to give visas to Turkish citizens

In Western Europe, they issue visas to Turkish citizens less and less. There is also a call for them not to get Schengen visas at all. Anger and hatred arose among the Turks affected by this unprecedented display of force

I have been receiving private messages on social media for weeks now. People from Turkey and Germany tell me that to them or to their relatives refusalvat entry visas for Schengen, although they have submitted all the necessary documents. And in their impasse, they ask me for advice, writes Erkan Arikan in an analysis for Deutsche Welle.

At first I thought that these were the usual dissatisfactions with the work of the employees at the German Embassy in Turkey. But in the meantime, I realized that behind every complaint there was some personal fate: teachers who wanted to visit their relatives in the Netherlands; pensioners who cannot go to their children’s wedding in Germany; artists who went to a festival in Italy… Only in extremely rare cases do some of these applicants get visabut in far fewer days than they claimed.

Many rejected applications

It has become especially difficult to obtain visa for Germany, Turkish media claim. This is also confirmed by the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin: as an argument for why the German representations in Turkey issue visas to Turks the economic crisis in Turkey and the constant outflow of qualified personnel from the country.

It is true that the current situation in Turkey is a real disaster. Every month, inflation rises and according to official data, it is already chasing 80 percent. The number of people looking for work is also at a record high. Not least among the reasons for the changed visa policy are the massive violations of human rights by the Turkish state: European countries fear that many Turks they try a touristic one visa to turn their backs on their homeland forever.

The Turkish media has widely reported that more and more students arriving in Europe with an Erasmus scholarship, then apply for asylum. This further reduced the chances of Turkish students being accepted to study in this program.

Anger is already growing into hatred

Most people in Europe they are not at all aware of how expensive it is for Turkish citizens to apply for Schengenska visa. Only the advance fee amounts to 80 euros, and if the application is rejected, the amount is not refunded. Added to this are the costs of booked hotels and plane tickets, which turn out to be a complete waste, because in most cases the trip is not made at all. It is true that refusalfor the issuance of visa can be appealed, but God knows if that effort is worth it.

Therefore, the anger against the countries of Schengen already turning into hate. This is somewhat understandable as people who used to regularly travel to the EU in the past are now suddenly getting refusal. See it refusalvat and to people who have a permanent job, own house and children in Turkey – for whom it is more than clear that they would not turn their backs on their homeland. Pensioners and former “guest workers” who for years have been spending the summer in Turkey and have no intention of staying permanently in Germany or in Europe, also do not receive visas. These decisions of foreign consulates are not justified!

Something has to change

The rules for issuing Schengenski visas urgently need to be reviewed. People who have already received visa and often resided in Europe, be treated more liberally by the consular services. Elderly people who simply want to attend their children’s wedding or see their grandchildren abroad should not be prevented either.

And business people who are trying to revive the stalled Turkish economy, traveling for exhibitions or for trade negotiations, should get their visas even with priority. So are the travel-hungry Turkish tourists after the long pandemic restrictions that bring revenue to Western economies.

And the black sheep who want to permanently stay in Europeanyway they find illegal ways to reach the countries of Schengen. However, unsullied Turkish citizens should not pay for the wrong policies of their homeland.

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