Nikolay Vasilkovski flew over New York during the September 11 attacks – Society – Bulgaria – In focus with Laura Krumova

Nikolay Vasilkovski flew over New York during the September 11 attacks – Society – Bulgaria – In focus with Laura Krumova
Nikolay Vasilkovski flew over New York during the September 11 attacks – Society – Bulgaria – In focus with Laura Krumova

The date is September 11th, the day is Tuesday. The hands on the clock face quietly count down the last minute of calm before the horror of terrorism wounds one of the world’s most powerful powers right in the heart. At this moment, a Bulgarian man is flying over New York and does not even suspect that the next few minutes will change the world forever.

“I was in the United States, working at a restaurant on one of the major and busy highways, and on the days in question when the events of 9/11 took place, I was on vacation before that and was on my way home from New York to Rochester, to where I worked. That’s really what happened the things that while the two first planes hit the two towers, twin towers respectively, I was in the air and flying in a plane,” says Nikolay Vasilkovski.

One by one, the Twin Towers fell, smoke billowed through the streets, and fear and confusion spread like ashes across the country.

“On the plane, you can’t be outside the news – you see, on the monitors, you see what’s going on. Specifically then, at that moment they had put on – I have some memory that it was CNN, they were broadcasting live this whole thing that was happening in New York .In the first moment everyone looked at the monitors, saw what was happening, saw this footage that the world will hardly ever forget, silence fell on the plane for a while until we realized what was happening, that somewhere below planes were crashing into huge buildings, that a terrible apocalypse is taking place,” reveals the journalist.

According to him, there is no way in such moments there is no fear, maybe not panic, but fear for sure. “Actually, what started to be felt in the plane was a terrible tension for one main reason – the flight attendants and the cabin crew in general, broke down somewhere,” he recalls.

21 years since the attacks of September 11 in the USA

People on the ground, and those in the air, are wondering how such a coordinated and large-scale act of terrorism could be carried out on American soil.

“You see airplanes crashing into buildings, and the first question anyone would have is, ‘Where is our airplane going?’ some direction. There was this moment that I, speaking for myself, was not sure what plane we were flying in, whether this plane had been hijacked,” says Vasilkovski.

“There was a mother with 2 children who was screaming at one point. I dreamed about that moment afterwards – the screams of this woman who was shaken as hell. Of course – a mother for her children can’t help but be scared. She was scared, stressed, in all this ignorance that I and everyone else was in. A dramatic moment,” he points out.

Eventually the plane lands successfully and everyone on board goes their separate ways.

Although the assassination takes a devastating emotional toll on everyone’s psyche, Nikolai decides to return to the place where thousands meet their deaths.

Two decades later, the events of 9/11 have left a lasting legacy for the entire world.

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