Kevorkian: In a referendum, the most disgusting word will be “Change”

From Kevork Kevorkian’s Facebook profile


It is completely dead – twenty days before the elections.

As if everything is clear, as if everyone is convinced that nothing can change, there can be no surprises, there is no one to challenge them, and there is no reason.

The people have finally turned their backs on politics – they despise it, they rightly consider it something vile.

And he is right.

If they do a referendum on what word disgusts him the most, it will surely be “Change”.

And not only because lately the people of Kirch have most eloquently humiliated this wretched word.

For 33 years they have abused her in all kinds of ways, until finally they left her without any dignity.

They would not be wrong to ban its use, even remove it from the dictionary – there is no such word, forget it.

That way you will at least forget the self-humiliations you have been subjected to.

Just remember how many scammers you have trusted – cunning or unlucky.

All in the name of some “change”, even if it’s microscopic – it’s still something. You didn’t want big tremors – just a little stirring of the Swamp, nothing more.

Because here big shocks always lead to big frauds.

And to humiliate you – more and more – they deceive you primitively and defiantly.

And now this circus ends, as it were.

The political tricksters are aware that they have nothing left to offer you. There is no language at all, not even individual words have survived to attract your attention.

Gone are the days when words fluttered like flags.

Now almost all the flags are tattered – not to mention the flag bearers.

Because of all this, political “speak” has been left without an audience.

They have always treated you disrespectfully – like some kind of soulless paradise. That’s why you abandoned them, turned a deaf ear to their rants.

They don’t know that even sign language interpreters are more interesting to you.

And now what’s next?

Dead – blessed be, because you will hear far less lies and fabrications – which are actually the wildest form of vote buying, but nobody sanctions it.

Desolate tensions no longer have any weight, the “common man” does not consider them at all.

Ordinary people are done with them.

In the last thirty years, their lives have ended senselessly – to one degree or another – and because of over-trusting such scams.

Today, several hardworking, honest and hard-working generations no longer have any control over their own lives, it is slipping away from them to the cackling of political scoundrels and scumbags.

The Political Sect will “disintegrate” into separate entities, not so much political, but rather business oriented.

This is already being observed at the moment – they will support each other, as well-drunken hashlaks who hope not to be noticed by passers-by support each other.

The time of the false messiahs is over, no one expects them anymore, and they do not initially correspond to the mentality of the native – he seems to welcome them, enough to insult them after his short dalliance. Ask Simeon if it is true.

There is another. It’s not pleasant and easy to say, but we have to admit that the People somehow wears out, separates, as it were, from itself, from its original values, as if some divine Hacker is shuffling its codes.

It can even erase from his memory the password with which he “enters” himself and thus prevent him from being himself.

By the way, no Hacker is needed – the humiliations of the cattle animal will do the same job.

In that nebulous thing that passes for “politics” here, we will observe a Collective Tsung-Tswang.

The parties will remain clinging to each other, buried in shallow graves – let’s give readers at least one bright picture.

If they were chained together, that wouldn’t be bad either – but let’s not be so pretentious.

And their own sweaty hugs are no small punishment.


Where could this lead?

Perhaps to some humility, though unlikely.

But at least they won’t tear their flesh.

In any case, they owe a meekness and helplessness to the People.

And to sit hugged/chained.

Will this sight bring us together somehow?

For now, we’re just sharing.


A video testimony: how Kiril Petkov was welcomed in the village of Bogdan…

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