The “Change” in power has been gone for 30 days, the price of fuel has fallen by 30% (Video)

The “Change” in power has been gone for 30 days, the price of fuel has fallen by 30% (Video)
The “Change” in power has been gone for 30 days, the price of fuel has fallen by 30% (Video)

GERB leader Boyko Borisov is on an election tour in Haskovo. Watch video:

For the first time in the history of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Culture will return BGN 60 million unfulfilled. We are going to beat them in this election. In the last 30 years, the SDS and GERB have dealt with the most serious crises in Bulgaria – with the Lukanova, the Videonova winter, anti-NATO and anti-EU sentiments, migrant pressure. And finally, a few words about the leader – I think of an Armenian friend who says – I really hate being praised in my presence, it still seems to me that it is not enough. Look at the leaders of the formations against us on the field – how many of them can talk to Putin and Erdogan, what kind of comparison is this, commented at the beginning the leader of “Gergeovden” and candidate from GERB-SDS Lyuben Dilov.

You see the prices in the store, on your wallets, Delyan Dobrev addressed the people in the hall. He showed the graph how prices have gone up because of expensive electricity, expensive fuels, etc.

As of April – the last month of GERB, natural gas was BGN 33.38. In August it became BGN 289, and in September BGN 373.21, Dobrev continued.

Burgargaz had a contract with Gazprom, with which the price would be 86 euros. But instead of buying at 86 euros, we buy from the Romanian “Gazprom” at 110 euros with a 28% increase. And the money goes to offshore companies, because there is no other explanation why instead of buying for 86 euros, you will buy for 110, again Russian gas.

You see the plane of price increase in everything except wages and pensions.

We have chosen three periods. October 2018, Borisov’s office, the price of a barrel is 79.3 dollars. July 2022 price is $78.4. With Borisov, the barrel was more expensive, but the prices at gas stations are higher, Dobrev explained.

We offer instead of “Litasco”, we have BEH – certainly not a smaller company. Through BEH, the state buys, processes and sells the fuel at 2.50 BGN. This is what Delyan Dobrev explained. According to their proposal, “Litasco” can continue to work and sell at BGN 3.50, and anyone who wants to can buy at that price.

Option 2 of the party is for “Litasco” to buy Russian oil, process it into oil and sell it again at 3.50. “Where does the state intervene? It taxes them with duty and the state instead of 25 cents, returns 1 lev”, Dobrev explained further.

“I thank all the Haskovians for being here, and that there are no people at Asen Vassilev on Kenana,” he concluded.

“It occurred to me that we should run an information campaign. They really have a lot of money – you see where it comes from. They use the best PR firms – both black and white. They are like machines. Last night, when I came home from Germany from the congress, I read what Radev said,” began Boyko Borisov, leader of GERB, and read: “I want to congratulate the government for its consistent efforts to control inflation in the country, since last night the price of gasoline is below BGN 3.”

“The reduction in the price of gas by 30% are results achieved with effort and work. When a government works in the interest of business and people, the results are there,” commented Borisov.

“Radev also says that as long as there is an official government, there will be no limit on the consumption of electricity, Bulgaria is a producer of electrical energy, he confirms what we have been saying for months. What does Asen Vassilev answer him? “It is naive to claim that which even if it is a political force, it can lower the price of gasoline, unless it discovers oil wells in Bulgaria,” Borisov also said.

“They are gone for 30 days, the price drops 30% per day. It drops by a penny a day on average. But these pennies previously, in the amount of 3.5 billion, were taken from your pocket. They love to talk about arrests, they think that in this way they will provoke me to revanchism, but this is a lost cause. However, we will do these investigations and not us as politicians. There are investigative organizations here and abroad,” continued the GERB leader.

These intermediary companies, these enormous 4.76 billion on the account of NSI have gone to the account of the Russian Federation. Whether they went for the Russian people, I don’t know, because they all lead to Switzerland, but there is a president who listens very carefully to what I say. There are events from time to time on the upper floors of Lukoil. But I’m not saying that, I’ve seen it in the news.

The Bulgarians are already confused. Here are the prices – you’ve been charging all this time. Without finding an oil well, we see the prices. They took down 30%, where are the other 70? They should be taken down tomorrow.

It is a theft of millions.

All storage facilities in Germany are at maximum capacity, ours in Chiren is half full. And they have the audacity to blame the caretaker government. What has “Change” contributed to the gas connection with Greece? Do they forget that Boyko Rashkov was a minister for a year and a half? And they were – of the economy and finance. They made Yanev’s politics.

We, because we can count, have made the following scheme. Not in the sense in which Asen Vassilev understands it – to gamble money. 2018, the price of a barrel is 79.3 dollars.

You know – a frog, if you put it in hot water, it will run away. But if you put it in cold and put it on the stove, you will cook it. And they think that the Bulgarians are such fools that they raise the price by a penny a day. This was explained by Boyko Borisov.

We started with the financial crisis in Greece in 2009. We saved it. Then came the migration crisis. You remember Harmanli. Then came the covid crisis, Borisov recalled.

In Bulgaria, we either need the strong party GERB, SDS, “Gerg’ovden”. What urban right? They and the BSP should not even talk to each other.

“We are a country that bears all the risks of Zaporozhye, the nuclear power plant. Every day I watch the news only about this and it worries me more and more. Bulgaria produces everything else.

On Wednesday, we will present an important document – it is called a recovery plan, because they could not do that either. Whoever has a similar document – we work with him. So much.

Now this war must end. It is dangerous for both Ukrainians and Russians.

Bulgaria is rich in water, rivers, falls. The best thing the communists have done is PAVETS “Chaira”.

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