LIVE: CSKA 1:0 Slavia – BG Football – efbet League

LIVE: CSKA 1:0 Slavia – BG Football – efbet League
LIVE: CSKA 1:0 Slavia – BG Football – efbet League

CSKA and Slavia teams play at score 1:0 in a match of the 10th round of the efbet League.

The match at the “Bulgarian Army” stadium starts at 17:45 and you can watch it live on DIEMA SPORT, as well as online on PLAY DIEMA XTRA. In we will follow the development of the match live minute by minute.

Desi Komarova

Both teams started at a rather cautious pace. In the first ten minutes of the match, the players of CSKA and Slavia did not manage to make it particularly difficult, as there were no shots on both goals. The first real goal threat in the match came after a quarter of an hour of play, when the “whites” were very close to opening the score. Toni Tasev penetrated very well on the left wing, overcame Thibaut Vion with ease and crossed parallel to the goal line. Just a few meters from the goal line, however, Christian Dobrev missed the ball and failed to intercept.

Several consecutive corners followed in favor of the “reds”, who, however, did not manage to take advantage in the best way.

In the 26th minute came the most controversial situation in the first part. The visitors organized an almost perfect counterattack, in the beginning of which Ivan Turitsov made a clear foul against Toni Tasev in the center of the field. Volen Chinkov let the game continue, and the ball fell to Galin Ivanov. The experienced captain of the “Whites” held back and found Kemelo Nguyen, who had joined the forward positions, on the left. He shot without delay, but Busato was able to save.

The situation with Turitsov was examined with the help of the VAR for a possible red card, but in the end no one followed.

In the following minutes, the game became quite fragmented, and the two goalkeepers had almost nothing to do. Mauricio Garces tried to trouble Svetoslav Vutsov with a shot on the diagonal in the closing moments of the first half, but the Whites’ guard had no problems.

At the break, the coach of the home team, Sasha Ilich, made a change in the ranks of the “reds”. Enes Mahmutovic was replaced by Meno Koch.

LIVE CSKA – SLAVIA 1:0 • Standings • Program • Results

Efbet League, 10th round

Stadium: “Bulgarian Army”

Referee: Volen Chinkov

CSKA: 1 Gustavo Busato, 2 Jurgen Matei, 19 Ivan Turitsov, 22 Enes Makhmutovic, 6 Hristiyan Petrov, 21 Amos Yuga, 15 Thibaut Vion, 27 Mauricio Garces, 11 Lazar Tufegdzic, 8 Stanislav Shopov, 30 Dauda Karmoko Bamba

Reserves: 25 Dimitar Evtimov, 16 Asen Donchev, 7 Jonathan Lindseth, 4 Menno Koch, 28 Brian Alvarez, 9 Dukens Nazon, 5 Bradley De Noyer

Head coach: Sasha Ilitch

SLAVIA: 21 Svetoslav Vutsov, 3 Ertan Tombak, 23 Emil Viachki, 37 Ventsislav Kerchev, 4 Ludovic Soares, 93 Kemelo Nguyen, 77 Georgi Valchev, 71 Christian Stoyanov, 88 Tony Tasev, 11 Christian Dobrev, 33 Galin Ivanov

Reserves: 1 Georgi Petkov, 9 Ahmed Akhmedov, 8 Emil Stoev, 17 Erol Dost, 73 Ivan Minchev, 55 Konstantin Cheshmedjiev 5 Petar Dolapchiev

Head coach: Zlatomir Zagorcic

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