Talat Jaferi rejected the request for a referendum in the RSM against the treaty with Bulgaria

The referendum requested by the opposition in the Republic of North Macedonia against the treaty with Bulgaria will not take place, at least for now.

VMRO-DPMNE, which organizes anti-Bulgarian protests against the so-called “French proposal”, tabled a request for a referendum for the annulment of the treaty in the Assembly in Skopje, but the chairman of the legislature Talat Jaffery dismissed it as unconstitutional. The decision is against the background of the two-day meeting of the mixed historical commission today and tomorrow in Skopje, which examines Gotse Delchev and the textbooks for the seventh grade.

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The department does not expect a referendum against our contract with RSM

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE, which sees the Good Neighbor Agreement with Bulgaria as a direct denial of identity, the so-called language and history of the Republic of North Macedonia, demanded that the DOJ be cancelled, BNT reported.

According to Jaffery, the request for the referendum is unconstitutional, as international treaties become part of the country’s legal order and cannot be changed by law. VMRO-DPMNE accused Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski and the authorities of hiding from the people.

Mickoski attacked the government for being afraid of referendums

VMRO-DPMNE initiated a referendum on the Treaty with Bulgaria

The ruling Social Democratic Union announced that the contract can only be canceled by the cabinet and that if VMRO-DPMNE comes to power, it will be able to do so. They accused the leader of the opposition, Hristijan Mickoski, of wanting to return the country to a standstill.

The EU ambassador in Skopje, David Geer, warned that all initiatives that lead backwards and hinder Skopje’s European integration should be avoided.

Rumen Radev asked Kovachevski for a regular dialogue despite the stormy passions

Rumen Radev asked Kovachevski for a regular dialogue despite the stormy passions

He also recalled Bulgaria’s repeated support for our south-western neighbor

“Good neighborly relations are an essential part of the negotiation process with the EU, and the Good Neighbor Agreement with Bulgaria, as well as the Prespa Agreement, must be implemented in a spirit of goodwill by all,” he said.

According to experts from North Macedonia, from now on it is not clear how the process will develop and whether there will be a new request for a referendum from the opposition.

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