After the footage from the Kresna Gorge: The car is at the NSO, internal checks begin – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA News

After the footage from the Kresna Gorge: The car is at the NSO, internal checks begin – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA News
After the footage from the Kresna Gorge: The car is at the NSO, internal checks begin – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA News

NSO starts internal checks after viewer alert to NOVA. Footage sent to our team shows a car making dangerous maneuvers by overtaking cars in the Kresnen Gorge.

According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the driver was driving with the sound and light signals on. The risky overtaking took place 4 days ago in the Kresna Gorge, where pegs were installed 2 months ago precisely to stop dangerous maneuvers, and where a 50 kilometer per hour limit was introduced.

DESPITE RESTRICTIONS: A driver pushes cars into the Kresnen gorge (VIDEO)

The video shot by our viewer clearly shows the car pushing other cars out of the lane. And although the NSO initially denied that it was their car, a re-check shows just the opposite.

“He overtook us first, then a few other cars and he was going at a very high speed. There was a warning light and an audible signal,” said a NOVA viewer who wished to remain anonymous.

“We went outside the banquette and somehow managed to pull over to let him go. There were cars that did not allow him to overtake for a very long time and he drove very close to them”, adds the eyewitness.

By law, the NSO can use a special traffic mode, but if necessary and only if it does not endanger the safety of the road. And the final decision is up to the driver, says the former head of the service, Professor Rumen Milanov.

“The other bigger question is expediency. As I joked, if it were me, I probably wouldn’t have done that overtaking. The person being protected is always in a hurry, they are always in a hurry. In no small degree, the driver of the car must comply, but in this case, his desire to move quickly in a risky section should not be complied with, it is a risk for him and for them,” says Prof. Milanov.

A day later, the NSO reported to “Hello, Bulgaria” that the car filmed was not theirs and was not driven by a service driver. “However, we appeal to citizens to be careful in their judgment when reporting traffic violations and not to rush to attribute them to the state security service,” their position also states.

Today, after a re-check, the service now admits that the initial answer was wrong and the car is in fact theirs. “The car belongs to the National Guard Service and is driven by a service driver. The car was carrying a guarded person”, says the NSO.

Who is the guarded person? The NSO specified only that he was not from the government. According to NOVA sources, the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Hristanov was in the car at the time. He has security after threats to his life surrounding the phytosanitary control scandals at the “Captain Andreevo” checkpoint. We reached out to him for comment – was he in the car. His answer was: “I did not drive a car in violation”.

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