Napoli ran amok against 10 Rangers

Napoli ran amok against 10 Rangers
Napoli ran amok against 10 Rangers

The Napoli team achieved a second consecutive convincing victory in the Champions League. Having thrashed Liverpool 4-1 at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium a week ago, the Partenopei went on to thrash Rangers 3-0 away, capitalizing on their numerical superiority over the Scottish giants in the second half.

Already in the opening minutes of the match, Piotr Žielinski hit the crossbar with his long shot. However, the rest of the more interesting events happened after the break. It all started in the 55th minute when home defender James Sands was sent off after two quick yellow cards. In the second, he fouled Giovanni Simeone in his penalty area and thus a penalty followed for Napoli. However, 40-year-old Alan McGregor saved Zielinski’s shot from the penalty spot. Matteo Politano ran in anyway and was on target with his cross. However, the VAR showed that he had entered the penalty area prematurely and so the penalty was awarded. This time, McGregor also reflected on Zielinski’s performance.

In the 68th minute, however, another penalty followed for the visitors, after a shot by Hviča Kvaratzhelija met the hand of Borna Barisic. McGregor almost didn’t stop with Politano’s shot from the penalty spot, but the Italian national still opened the score in favor of his team. In the 85th minute, the reserves Matias Oliveira and Giacomo Raspadori made a double combination, after which the striker doubled the lead of the Neapolitans. They even got a third goal in stoppage time when substitute Tangi Ndombele scored. Shortly before the end of the match, the hosts also received a penalty, but it was overturned by VAR.

So Napoli are the leaders in Group A with a total of 6 points, while Rangers are at the bottom without a single point won so far.

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