Russians pull chips out of feathers…

Putin will fail, Ukraine and Europe will win, said the EC president, dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag in her State of the Union speech

Never before has this Parliament debated the State of the Union during a war fought on European soil. We all remember that on the morning of February 24, Europe woke up to something that shook us and showed how terrible the face of evil is and how brutal war is. The entire continent stood up and showed solidarity. Refugees found shelter, our streets were filled with Ukrainian flags.

This was stated by the President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, during the State of the Union speech, writes

When Russian troops crossed the border of Ukraine, our response was strong and united, I think we can be proud of that. We will need this strength because the time ahead will not be easy, she emphasized.

This is not just a war that the Russians started against Ukraine, this is a war for our energy, for our economy, for our values, this is a war for our future. It is a war of autocracy against democracy. We have the necessary courage and solidarity – Putin will fail and Ukraine and Europe will win, said the President of the European Commission.

Von der Leyen also emphasized the contribution of the first lady of Ukraine – the wife of Volodymyr Zelensky – Olena. “We saw the first lady stand before a heartbroken mass of mothers and fathers and release balloons into the sky – one for each child who died. Those bells will ring forever, the innocent victims will live in our memory. You gave courage to an entire nation, you gave a voice to your people, you gave hope to all of us, we want to thank you all – glory to this country of Ukrainian heroes, glory to Ukraine!” she declared. Olena Zelenska herself attended the speech.

She emphasized that the sanctions against Russia will remain, and Europe’s solidarity with Ukraine will not be shaken.

So far, Europe has given more than 90 billion euros in financial aid, not including military aid, she added, pointing out that rebuilding Ukraine will take huge resources. “Ukrainian children do not have classrooms to return to,” said the President of the EC.

Three-quarters of Russia’s banking sector is cut off from international banking, car production is down 75% from last year, Aeroflot is grounding planes because it lacks parts, the Russian military is taking chips out of refrigerators and washing machines to repair its military machines, because there are no semiconductors.

Russian industry is in ruins, Ursula also pointed out. And he added that the Kremlin has done this to the Russian economy. “This is the price of Putin’s policy of destruction,” the president of the European Commission was emphatic.

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