Premiere of the new show with Stefania Koleva “Tighten your seat belts”

Premiere of the new show with Stefania Koleva “Tighten your seat belts”
Premiere of the new show with Stefania Koleva “Tighten your seat belts”

The premiere of the new performance with Stefania Koleva “Tighten your seat belts” will be on October 6 in “Theatro from here the channel” in Sofia. The production will meet the audience with a heroine who is quite similar to Stefania herself, and this is not accidental. The plot develops in parallel on the screen – we will see the real situation in filmed footage, and then, live on stage, we will get into the “head” of the heroine along with all her fears and all her absurd unfulfilled desires.

As we come face to face with the eventual end comes the series of questions. If I hadn’t gotten on that plane? If I had made other decisions about the important things? If I had lived differently?

Pressed by the circumstances, and a bit fast-paced, the heroine tries in her few remaining minutes of life to make up for what she hasn’t experienced, going through the topics that every woman revolves around in her thoughts. Have I met love? What if I had lived in a different time, if I had known Elvis, if he had fallen in love with me? What if I lived somewhere else…like Hollywood? Is it worth it to follow diets or should this life be lived calorically? What does Heaven look like for men?

These questions unleash the impossible possibilities of our parallel lives to arrive at the simplest answer in the end.

And all this with a lot of self-irony, imagination and love for life, people, even with love for the mistakes we all make.

Authors of the show are Zdrava Kamenova and Svetlio Tomov. The director of the video is Ivan Moskov. The multimedia artist is Nikola Nalbantov, and the music composer is Dobromir Kisiov.

The premiere of “Fasten Your Seat Belts” promises to lift audiences high, leave them breathless, and land them unexpectedly.

“Fasten your seat belts” is on October 6 at the “Theatre otsam kana” in Sofia. More dates to come.

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