Tsveta Karayancheva: The effect of “Change” – record inflation, record impoverishment, record prices

Tsveta Karayancheva: The effect of “Change” – record inflation, record impoverishment, record prices
Tsveta Karayancheva: The effect of “Change” – record inflation, record impoverishment, record prices

A political force that ruled until recently wants to “finish its work”. And we all felt the work done by the ideologues of the “Change”, comments the leader of the GERB leaves in Kardzhali Tsveta Karayancheva.

“The prices of electricity and gas rose 10 times, the monthly allowance per person exceeded BGN 1,500, investments fell by 52 percent, and food prices rose by 40 percent. We have record inflation – over 20%, record budget deficit, record values ​​of energy carriers. 70% of Bulgarians admit that they have become poorer in the last year and a half, and their savings have “reduced” by 20%. The industry is on command breathing, the budget is updated every three months, not a single meter of highway has been built, not a single European program has been launched, we have not received a penny from the Recovery and Resilience Plan. In Europe, gas went up in price by 54%, in our country – by 128%. Gasoline in the EU – by 35%, in Bulgaria – by 57%. Bread in the EU – by 16 percent, in our country – by 56%. One-third of our money goes to food, and we are in first place in the EU according to this indicator. A remake of Zhanviden’s Winter awaits us. PP wanted to finish their work. The way it started, the state will finish as well!”, she added.

The regional coordinator of PP GERB Tsveta Karayancheva also submitted a signal to the Council of Ministers against the rude interference, unforgiving behavior and encroachment on the freedom of choice and expression of will of those working in the field of education in the Kardzhali region by the deputy regional governor Biser Nikolov.

The same person has allowed himself to publicly threaten school principals from the region with a prosecutor under the pretext that they exert pressure on teachers and are sympathetic to the election campaign in violation of the Law on Education. He referred to unconfirmed anonymous tip-offs and rumours. I informed the acting Prime Minister, Gulab Donev, that the deputy regional governor appointed by his order exceeded his authority and violated the rules of good tone during the annual working meeting organized by the RUO on the eve of the new school year in the presence of representatives of a number of state institutions – the Ministry of Internal Affairs , PBZN, RZI, traffic police, etc.”, responded Karayancheva.

“Mr. Nikolov’s behavior is a relapse. The same person repeatedly allowed himself to interfere in the work of the territorial offices in Kardzhali and unlawfully demanded from them information about the political affiliation of their employees with the formal justification “protection of the interests of the state” (I am attaching a copy of a letter with ex. No. RD-07-5754 -1, dated 09.11.21, signed by him in his capacity as deputy regional governor in the previous official government). Nikolov engages in mental harassment and makes baseless threats to officials, which lead to an escalation of tensions. I am convinced that political affiliations and forms of agitation during working hours and at the workplace should not be tolerated, nor should the electoral right and political freedoms of citizens be restricted and condemned,” the report says. Karayancheva insists that the acting prime minister take immediate action and end the above-described “witch hunt” by Biser Nikolov, because with his uncontrollable aggressive behavior he not only exceeds his powers, but also undermines the authority of the executive power.

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