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The “biggest, tallest” and probably the most expensive singing fountain in the country is located in the central Varna Independence Square

The company chosen by the municipal administration in Varna to repair and maintain the fountains in the city for the next 4 years has offered prices up to 8 times higher than its competitors for completely identical positions. This shows the comparison of the price offers that “Dnevnik” has. The total value of the order is BGN 1.5 million, compared to BGN 400,000 for the previous four-year period, which ended in September of this year.

According to the website for electronic public procurement, the company ranked first, with which the Municipality of Varna is about to conclude a contract, is Polyjord. The company ranked in the second – losing place is “Aquatec”. The procedure in which they competed was for the conclusion of a framework agreement under a public procurement with the subject “Repair, operational and technical maintenance of a fountain on Nezavisimost Square next to the District Court, a dry fountain on Bulgaria Square and a dry fountain Opera on the territory of the Municipality Varna”.

After the company “Aquatec” was removed from the competition already at the stage of “technical proposals”

the winning position

automatically remains for “Polyord”. Comparing the price offers made by the two companies, however, shows drastic differences already in the first three positions.

For example, for the same type of water pump – “Q=475L/min, H=50, submersible, chrome-nickel with built-in filter”, “Polyjord” offered a unit price of BGN 3379 (without VAT), and “Aquatec” 400 BGN excluding (VAT). According to experts with whom “Dnevnik” spoke, the repair price offered by “Polyord” in this case is almost identical to that of a new pump of the specified type.

The drastic differences in prices

however, they continue in the following positions of the price offers of both companies.

For the repair of a pump “Q=750L/min, H=35” “Polyjord” offered a price of BGN 3255 (excluding VAT) against BGN 720 (excluding VAT) offered by “Aquatec”.

For the repair of the third type of pump – “Q=3400L/min, H=15” “Polyjord” gave a price of BGN 5347.50 (excluding VAT), and “Aquatek” 2470 BGN excluding (VAT). In the same order, the differences in the prices of the two companies continue until the last ninth place in their price offers.

In the section “Maximum unit prices for the materials specified by the contractor”, the price differences are also curious. For example, for 1 m of PVC pipe f40, the removed “Aquatec” offered a price of BGN 6.35, and “Polyjord” – BGN 10.5. For a meter of another type of pipe – “PPR f40”, the first company gave a price of BGN 5.9 against the requested from its competitor BGN 21, or twice as much.

The maximum price “for making melodies synchronized with the light and the movement of the fountain’s jets” offered by the removed “Aquatec” is BGN 2.5 thousand (without VAT), while in the price offer of “Polyjord” for the same position, a price of 3.8 BGN thousand

One of the few prices with a higher value in the “Aquatec” offer is the one for the hourly rate – BGN 30 against BGN 15 in the “Polyjord” offer.

To mark the opening of the fountain in 2015, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov personally came to Varna. He posted the photos in front of the fountain with his admirers on his Facebook profile.

A reference in the information platform “Papagal” shows that for 2019 “Aquatec” reported a turnover of about BGN 15 million and a profit of BGN 1.1 million. The data for “Polyord”, reflected in the same system, indicate that again in 2019, it had a turnover of BGN 7.9 million and a profit of BGN 630 thousand. There is also a significant difference in the subject of activity registered by the two companies in the Commercial Register. For example, “Aquatec” has indicated in the first place “construction of swimming pools, buildings, spa centers, saunas and related facilities”. “Polyord” indicated “construction of buildings and facilities, construction repairs, purchase of goods for the purpose of sale”, etc.

How the short life of the tallest fountain in Bulgaria ended – here.

The large fountain on “Nezavisimost” square in Varna was opened on August 15, 2015 – just two months before the then-held local government elections. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov personally came to Varna to mark the event.

The pictures in front of the fountain

with his fans, he posted on his Facebook profile.

According to the information released before the opening of the fountain by the municipal press center, 300 nozzles, 400 searchlights, 52 pumps and 30 km of cables were inserted into it. The programmed color combinations, controlled by specially created software, were supposed to be 2 thousand, and 8 favorite Bulgarian hits, including “My country, my Bulgaria”, were to be played to the accompaniment of the water jumps. Among the “miracles” of the fountain was a water jet 41 m high.

Exactly how much the facility costs has never been made clear.

Together with two other “dry” fountains, it was part of the project for the renovation of the pedestrian area in Varna, financed with BGN 5 million under the “Green and Accessible Urban Environment” program of the “Regional Development” operational program.

Only three years after its opening, however, the “biggest, tallest” and probably most expensive singing fountain in the country was damaged, and to this day it works in “emergency” mode. After “Dnevnik” published an article about it, the municipality decided to hide it from its official tourist website

How Varna closed the virtually non-working fountain in its central square – here.

Data from the website for electronic public procurement show that by September of this year the contractor for the maintenance of the city fountains in Varna was the company “Nola 7”. The company worked under a four-year framework contract worth BGN 400,000.

The contract, which the Municipality of Varna is about to sign, is again for a four-year term, but at twice the price – BGN 800,000.

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