A second front against Russia. Who will vote to commit suicide?

A second front against Russia. Who will vote to commit suicide?
A second front against Russia. Who will vote to commit suicide?

/Pogled.info/ Against the background of Ukraine’s continued calls for everyone to open a “second front” against Russia somewhere (because the “counteroffensive” is running out and everything can go further for Kyiv, unfortunately), the ruling party in Georgia “Georgian Dream” announced the possibility of holding a referendum on the opening of a “second front”, promising to do “what the people want”. This was stated by the chairman of the ruling party, Giorgi Kohabidze.

It is hard to imagine the uproar both in Tbilisi and in the West if a referendum were suddenly announced in Russia asking the “opinion of the people” whether to go with tanks to Tbilisi or wait until later.

So the very fact of announcing such a referendum in Georgia will already be a challenge for Russia, to which we will have to respond appropriately. But behind the provocation, as you understand, there is more than Tbilisi’s desire to remind both the West and Russia of itself.

The big problems with the small army

Yes, the failures in the Kharkiv direction clearly showed that the format of “the small professional army”, once borrowed from Hollywood action films, implemented in our country during Serdyukov’s reforms, is clearly insufficient in modern military operations and the enormous length of Russian borders. Even to block 2000 km of the Ukrainian front. Not to mention the fact that if several more “fronts” appear in other areas, the country will have, to put it mildly, very serious problems. They are what both the regime in Kyiv and the collective West behind it are trying to create for us today.

Military expert Alexey Leonkov commented on the current situation as follows:

Along the borders of Russia there are several periodically flashing hot spots, the events of which can turn into full-fledged military conflicts. It was not for nothing that the Ren-Corporation wrote that these are precisely the sore points that must be pressed to force Russia to accept the West’s terms. Therefore, the game with the referendum in Georgia is nothing but a game of the Anglo-Saxons to create additional problems for Russia, as they themselves have repeatedly stated.

The “small professional army” option can, of course, work, but far from our limits, provided that we are dealing with an opponent who is seriously inferior to us technically, and at the same time we use everything we have without restrictions. That is, to fight, so to speak, “in the American way” in order to avoid unnecessary losses, destroying cities occupied by enemy troops, “carpet bombing” together with everyone who is there.

We have even started striking Ukraine’s thermal power plant and life support infrastructure (which should have been destroyed in the early days of the war) only now. Despite the fact that the other side has been fighting in Donbas in exactly this way – and for more than 8 years.

This pebble is by no means in the garden of the military, but rather to the politicians, whose brains are stuck in the realities of 2014, and therefore are confident that the population of Ukraine will come out to meet our tanks with flowers. How many coffins and burnt equipment such political naivety costs our army is already known.

And today, when our group of 150-200 thousand is spread in a thin layer along a 2000-kilometer front, the blue dream of the West is to “smudge” our army even more, creating several additional military conflicts near our borders.

Again they want to “digging in the embers with foreign hands”

Of course, the Anglo-Saxons everywhere and always preferred to fight by proxy, by proxy. Preferably at the hands of the citizens of the post-Soviet republics so that new blood lies between them and the Russians and no imperial unity is possible even in the long run.

That is why the Georgians, who are supposed to have a righteous grudge against Russia because “the war of 08.08.08”, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, were repeatedly invited to open a “second front” by official Ukrainian officials.

For example, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Fyodor Venislavski, who suggested that Georgia take advantage of the situation and “to take concrete steps to ‘liberate’ South Ossetia and Abkhazia”. Similar appeals were made on the Ukrainian side by the head of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, and Zelensky’s propaganda advisors, Mikhail Podolyak and Oleksiy Arestovich.

The Foreign Minister of South Ossetia, Ahsar Dzioev, commented on the situation as follows:

So far, apart from the announcements about the referendum, there is no information, but our Foreign Ministry is closely monitoring the situation in Georgia. And despite the fact that a Russian military base remains on the territory of South Ossetia, I believe that we have enough forces to defend our land in the event of an emergency.

It is clear that the Georgian authorities are not very ready to enter the war – they are not even in a hurry to join the anti-Russian sanctions. And the “war of August 8, 2008” saved them from many dangerous illusions. However, there was no clear “no” from the ruling party, and in order to absolve itself of responsibility (well, “democrats”, what can you do with them?!), decided to hold a referendum. Which, with a positive answer to the question of entering the war, will mean at least a Georgian invasion of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Which, of course, we will get back one way or another, but it will require a significant diversion of troops and resources from the Ukrainian front. Or wars against Georgia “in the American way”, with the destruction of cities, which will make us mortal enemies with the Georgians for a long time.

And this option is quite possible, since the pro-American opposition will certainly start (here the West will also get involved) an aggressive propaganda campaign among the population, playing on the theme of “lost territories” and the desire for rehabilitation for the defeat of 2008.

However, there are many sober-minded people in Georgia. For example, the political scientist Vaso Kopanadze is convinced:

There will be no referendum, no so-called “second front” while the “Georgian Dream” is in power. The opening of a “second front” means that Ukrainian and some Western politicians are pushing Georgia towards a military confrontation with Russia in order to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity. But these issues must be resolved by peaceful means.

But there’s still Poland, with its sea-to-sea Rzeczpospolita complex, drooling over Kaliningrad. There is Romania pushing Moldova to attack Transnistria, Ukraine has already expressed its desire to participate in this (to divert the opposing forces from the Nikolaev-Odesa direction).

Finally, the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani front is escalating again, and Erdogan’s Turkey, which is behind Baku, may very well take advantage of the situation to finally push Russia out of Transcaucasia. Thus, there is a real danger that in the foreseeable future there will be three more theaters of war, for which Russia simply may not have enough troops.

However, military expert Alexey Leonkov notes that measures are already being taken:

The conclusions have been drawn, which is confirmed by the recent decision to increase the number of contract soldiers in the army by an additional 130,000 people. Yes, the number of challenges facing Russia is increasing, and this requires corresponding efforts to protect the country. Note that this is not mobilization.

Today in Ukraine, quite a few well-trained people fight as volunteers, many express a desire to continue serving in the Russian armed forces, and only the restrictions on the number of contract soldiers prevent them from doing so. The restrictions will now be lifted.”

So what?

Yes they can. Yes, they will try. As they have been trying for hundreds of years. A great global game is being played, the goal of which is not Ukraine in any case, but what will be the new world that has arisen on the ruins of the crumbling current one. And as the “red globalizers” the Bolsheviks considered Russia to be “wicks to fan the flames of world revolution”today Western globalizers everywhere are trying to find someone to play the role of “wicks” for the fire around Russia for them to fan.

Ukraine has already agreed to this somewhat respectable role. Georgia is also quite suitable for them. Like Moldova and Azerbaijan. In the Central Asian republics, known for their chronic ingratitude, active work in this direction has long been conducted. In general, everything is as usual: Russia has lived in such conditions for almost its entire thousand-year history.

And he didn’t just survive, but sometimes painfully hit the nose of the brazen next candidates for “masters of the world”. God willing, we will deal with the current situation no worse than our ancestors. Because “we are Russians and God is with us”!

Translation: EU

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