Over 700,000 students back in class from today

Over 700,000 students back in class from today
Over 700,000 students back in class from today

Almost 717,000 students enter class today. For the first time, nearly 57,000 first-graders will hear the school bell.

The first school day begins with changes in the Bulgarian school. All students from 1st to 12th grade study new textbooks and at the end of each stage they will take exams based on new curricula. The classes in the 5th – 7th grade will be shorter, but longer – 40 instead of 45 minutes.

This will be news only for 1/5 of the schools.

There are also changes during the holidays. The most important one is for the mid-term vacation, which is increased from one day, as it was until now, to five days. It is planned for the period between February 1 and 5.

There are no major changes to the rest of the holidays – the autumn one will be a day longer, the Christmas one a day shorter, and the 10-day spring holiday will start on April 8, instead of the traditional April 1.

The school year begins in person in all 2,347 schools in the country, and there is a readiness to switch to distance learning if necessary.

The Ministry of Education and Science states that all educational institutions are ready for September 15 and that measures have been taken to protect the health of children and students.

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