717,000 students start the new academic year 2022/23 today.

717,000 students start the new academic year 2022/23 today.
717,000 students start the new academic year 2022/23 today.

57,000 are the first graders who will cross the school threshold for the first time

With celebrations, festive words and songs, about 717,000 students, together with their parents, teachers and principals, are marking today the beginning of the new 2022/23 school year. Instead of flowers in places, students go with donations, responding to the call of a number of schools in Sofia and the country to donate to the victims in Karlovsko the money they would have allocated for bouquets on the occasion of the first day of school.

The Ministry of Education and Culture assures that all children and teachers are provided with conditions for conducting a normal educational process. All educational institutions have provided disinfectants and hot water. Many of them have taken, as far as conditions allow, measures to limit the spread of covid, as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Among them are separation of one-way movement of students in the corridors, learning in two shifts, different breaks, not mixing the individual classes, learning in only one classroom, etc.

Classes everywhere start face-to-face, albeit in readiness for a switch to online learning – something principals hope won’t happen, especially with the lack of heating funds looming for some gas-fired schools. The data of the Ministry of Education and Culture show that 98% of schools are ready for the new heating season. The remaining 2% will be analyzed at the end of the year, after which they may possibly be refinanced.

Politicians come and go, but the school remains an eternal hope for the future“, declared the Minister of Education Prof. Sasho Penov in his traditional speech for September 15. He admits that, in addition to reasonable hopes, the school year also raises concerns, because we also have many unsolved difficulties. He states, however, that he is optimistic about the future of education, and from there and to Bulgaria – because of the thousands of teachers for whom the profession is a vocation and a cause. “Our educational system was and is a major factor in the spiritual, economic and political revival of our people. This mission of hers is a unique Bulgarian phenomenon. I believe that even today the Bulgarian school plays and will increasingly play such a role,” he points out. “Positive change does not happen overnight, it will not be felt quickly, but I am convinced that each of us will give our best you are for education. It created all of us, we are obliged to provide it with a peaceful and perspective development. Because only it can leave in time the next successful generations,” concludes the minister.

The school year in 10 numbers

2347 are the schools in our country that welcome students for September 15

8 are the closed schools due to lack of students

1799 are the kindergartens

717,000 are the students from 1st to 12th grade

57,000 students cross the school threshold for the first time

46 educational institutions from 14 regions will open the school year in other buildings, the most common reason for this being ongoing renovations. Among them are 18 schools from 9 districts

450 are the schools with interim principals, as competitions for principal positions were suspended due to litigation

1222 outreach teams formed to search for dropped-out children. They participate in them 18,244 souls.

554 are the Ukrainian children enrolled in the Bulgarian education system, which is 62% of those who asked to study in our country and only 1/5% of all Ukrainian children and students on our territory

1216 are the appointees mediators in schools

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