Instead of a bouquet for the teacher, a donation for the flooded villages. Do you support?

Instead of a bouquet for the teacher, a donation for the flooded villages. Do you support?
Instead of a bouquet for the teacher, a donation for the flooded villages. Do you support?

Why does the day start like this?

The car of the Ukrainian president crashed on the way back from the city of Izyum this morning. The driver received first aid from the president’s medical team, and the head of state was not seriously injured. Yesterday, Zelensky visited the recently recaptured city of Izyum, a key logistics center in the Kharkiv region. He thanked the soldiers who participated in the counteroffensive and promised that the Ukrainian flag would return to every town and village in the country.

First medal for Bulgaria in the world rhythmic gymnastics on the hoop in 21 years – 17-year-old Stiliyana Nikolova won a silver medal, “Korner” reported. Our young gymnast won the silver medal on the hoop, where she earned a score of 33,400 points with a very good performance in the final. For Nikolova, this is the debut of a championship on the planet, and she marks it with a medal. Only Sofia Raffaelli from Italy ranked ahead of her on the hoop with 34,850 points, while the bronze medal went to Daria Varfolomeev from Germany.

This is the first medal for Bulgaria from the world hoops championship since 21 years ago, when after a doping scandal Simona Peycheva officially received gold from the world championship in 2001.

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What impressed us a while ago?

A kilometer-long queue was formed in London by people wishing to visit the Westminster Hall in the parliamentary complex, where the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II is on display, the BNR correspondent reported. How long will this be possible, hear in the news.

And how about that?

Florists are in a panic as today, September 15, looms as the first day without bouquets for teachers. And while the price of bouquets skyrocketed after the beginning of the month – large bouquets from BGN 20 jumped to BGN 40, and just one rose is now BGN 7, a spontaneous but large-scale campaign to boycott flowers is underway in the country. In most Bulgarian schools, boxes will be placed in which parents and children can donate money to the families who suffered from the great floods in Karlovo and the surrounding villages.

It is precisely because of this noble cause that everyone is involved in the campaign – from the kindergarten, through the first graders and high school graduates, to the gymnasts of the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Sofia, writes “24 Chasa”.

That’s why we ask you:

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