Veselin Kalanovski: The freedom of the teacher is decisive for good education

Veselin Kalanovski: The freedom of the teacher is decisive for good education
Veselin Kalanovski: The freedom of the teacher is decisive for good education

The teacher’s freedom to work is crucial for good education. This was the leitmotif of the opinion expressed about education by Veselin Kalanovski in the program “The Questions” on TV1.

“Nobody remembers the textbook they studied. But everyone remembers at least one favorite teacher. This applies to everyone. And it confirms that the teacher’s freedom to work and teach as he sees fit is decisive for good education,” said Kalanovski, who is the leader of the list of “Democratic Bulgaria” in Yambol and number 105 in the list of the 24th MIR in Sofia.

“It’s also very important that children learn to think, not to ramble. And this depends on the freedom in the work of teachers. They should be able to decide for themselves which textbook to teach without being forced to do so. The emphasis should be on the curricula,” he commented.

According to Kalanovski, it is very important that the textbooks are cleaned of the accumulated ideological mythology, as well as that the children are taught to think instead of memorizing the material. At the beginning of the school year, he addressed the students: “Study! Accumulate knowledge, but also look for a way to make sense of it. This is how your mind develops. This is how you will succeed in life! Study!”

The famous actor added that it is no coincidence that together with the two most important priorities of “Democratic Bulgaria”, such as digitization and justice, a major emphasis in the coalition’s program is also culture and education.

“There will surely be a domestic crisis in culture as well. Simply because such crises are happening in all spheres of our lives at this moment. Probably many theater directors are worried about how they will find the means for heating and lighting in the winter. But I think people are a little more scared of what’s ahead. Because the people of my generation remember both the times of Lukanov and the Winter of Viden. A little pre-election, I think that some are trying to scare us because of their desire to vote a little more radically,” he said.

Kalanovski is sure that in a possible future government with the participation of “Democratic Bulgaria” the Law on Culture will be rewritten. “This law just doesn’t work,” he said, adding that fundamental changes are also needed in the Cultural Heritage Act.

“Culture is what connects our present to our future,” Kalanowski concluded.

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