Einstein, Snoop Dogg and Salma Hayek kicked out of school. See who else

For many of us, celebrities are role models representing the dream lifestyle. In reality, though, stars are just people like the rest of us, with all the human flaws – including getting into trouble. On the first day of school, we look at the most interesting reasons why some popular personalities were suspended from school.

Salma Hayek

As a teenager, Hayek attended a strict Catholic boarding school in Louisiana, but was expelled after two years. This happens after he starts playing pranks on the nuns, such as setting their alarm clocks back three hours.

Robert Pattison

In high school, the actor had a highly developed commercial career. He stole pornographic magazines from kiosks and sold them to his classmates. However, the teachers did not approve of his business and “kicked him out” of the school.

Owen Wilson

In the 10th grade, Wilson was expelled from St. Mark’s School in Texas after he was caught copying from his teacher’s textbook on a geometry exam. As punishment, he was sent to a military school to finish the last two years of high school.

Keanu Reeves

Reeves attended four different high schools within five years. In one of the schools, he “didn’t fit in” with the environment. Had many conflicts with teachers and staff, even if it got him into trouble. This eventually led to his expulsion, which he found “very unpleasant”.

Ryan Gosling

The Canadian actor was expelled from school at the age of six. This happens after the young Gosling watches the original Rambo: First Blood movie. He was so impressed by the film that he began emulating the main character by bringing steak knives to school. As a result, Gosling underwent psychological testing and has since been homeschooled.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg attended the Cleveland Elementary School for Gifted Children, but was kicked out at age 11. The rapper says, “I got kicked out my sophomore year for showing a little girl my little thing! I was in the lunch line and she said something really crazy to me and I didn’t know how to defend myself, so I just unzipped myself.”

Albert Einstein

The future physicist did not enjoy much respect from his teachers, who considered him “slow” in his early years and too rebellious in his teenage years. He often got into trouble because of conflicts with his teachers. Although not excluded, Einstein eventually left school out of frustration and continued his scientific education on his own.


The British singer and songwriter was suspended from school for fighting. Her position at school was also threatened because of her frequent tardiness and negligence towards the learning process.

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