They found almost a kilogram of gold in a truckload of watermelons –

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Gold ornaments worth over 144,000 BGN were discovered by the customs officials of Kapitan Andreevo

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The police in Dupnitsa arrested Klofi for buying votes
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The customs officers of MP Kapitan Andreevo discovered contraband gold jewelry worth over 144,000 BGN during two inspections.

First, on September 11, a truck with Turkish registration arrived at the checkpoint. The driver – a Turkish citizen, presents regular documents for the transported goods – watermelons from Turkey to Germany. According to the “risk analysis” method, the truck was selected for a thorough customs inspection, during which four cardboard boxes with yellow metal products were found in three places in the driver’s cabin – under the seats and in a factory cavity above the panoramic glass. According to the expert’s report examination, the jewelry with a total weight of 985.60 grams is made of 14, 21 and 22-karat gold, worth BGN 116,392.

The smuggled gold jewelery has been seized. In the case, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated by an investigative customs inspector under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office-Haskovo. Regarding the Turkish citizen, M.G. a measure of remand has been taken, as well as a ban on leaving the country, except with the permission of the supervising prosecutor.

In the other case, a car with German registration arrived at the checkpoint, with the driver, his wife and their two children traveling in the car – German citizens, who stated that they were not carrying goods, money or currency values ​​for declaration. During the customs inspection, the customs officers found packages of yellow metal products in a structural cavity of the car.

According to the expertise, the items are gold with a total weight of 269.80 grams and a value of BGN 28,329. The driver was issued an act under the Foreign Exchange Act.

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