A Swiss company showed elite bunkers for millionaires PHOTOS

The Swiss company Oppidum vividly demonstrates how in the event of an apocalypse the elite, celebrities and millionaires will survive the crisis. The company is creating huge, fortified underground bunkers for “the most powerful people in the world,” writes the Daily Mail.

The bunker is located at a depth of 50 feet (15.24 meters) along with an airlock and decontamination chamber.

The structure was built to NATO specifications using the same mixture used to build nuclear power plants.

Placing the bunker in the estate Photo: Oppidum

The “Oppidum” bunker is completely hermetic and, if necessary, can be completely isolated from the outside atmosphere. The company says its bunkers use NASA technology and can be built in the EU, UK, US and UAE.

Oppidum unveiled its new 10,760 sq m L’Heritage hardened underground bunkers, described as “optimized for super-luxury everyday living, but prepared for all surface threats”.

The eponymous Oppidum underground bunker is completely airtight and gas-tight and can be completely isolated from the outside atmosphere if necessary, for example in the event of a man-made or natural disaster.

Arriving at the ground helipad, bunker owners disembark and arrive at a huge underground car park, then pass through an airlock before entering the bunker itself, which may have an art gallery, conference room, comfortable bedrooms, indoor garden, spa and etc. amenities of the customer’s choice.

The base model also has storage space for art collections, gold, money and other valuables. In the underground garden, the plants are supported by a complex automatic watering system. And with full-spectrum light simulation, even sunrise and sunset and the changing of the seasons are available.

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Storage of treasures, gold and weapons Photo: Oppidum

There are also fresh and salt water pools, a gym, and the water is supplied from a deep well. In the event of a power outage, there are generators and backup batteries.

Food supplies are stored in warehouses and medicines are stored in a medical station. You can stock up for months, or you can stock up for years, it all depends on the customer.

luxury bunker, rich bunker, underground bunker, underground shelter

Photo: Oppidum

Yaqub Zamrazil, founder and CEO of Oppidum, says they are “optimistic about the future,” but since not all events can be predicted or prevented, “it is wise to be prepared to weather the storm when necessary.”

“In our volatile world, Oppidum provides peace of mind. It is a place of strength that allows our customers to preserve and protect what matters most,” says Zamrazil.

The simplest bunker costs 10 million dollars, there is no upper limit. The price of the L’Heritage model (one of the most luxurious) is about $100 million, according to the CEO, with the final price depending on location, size and finish.

“Each customer has different requirements and each Oppidum is bespoke, meaning it is designed to meet those individual requirements,” he adds.

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