International analyst: Von der Leyen is perfect for a housewife, but not for a European leader

International analyst: Von der Leyen is perfect for a housewife, but not for a European leader
International analyst: Von der Leyen is perfect for a housewife, but not for a European leader

Is the information of the “Sun” tabloid about an attempt to assassinate Putin true?

“I doubt this thing because, if a figure like Putin is being assassinated, the only ones who can do such a thing are the Russian services themselves. If they did, it wouldn’t be this way, especially on an armored car,” he said the international analyst Iliya Lazarov in the studio of “The Day ON AIR”.

He also commented on Putin’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, saying that for the first time, China has made a clear claim that it wants to be a world leader, and China’s economy is 10-15 times larger than Russia’s. According to him, the impression of the meeting is that of her the junior partner was the Russian president.

“The United States is one of the great poles. China itself exists economically because it has the US and European markets, without them the Chinese economy will collapse and they will go back to rice. The big winner of the war in Ukraine is China – they are standing by, waiting and reaping the rewards. China is wise enough to have a great diversification of sources. This is the right policy for such a huge country. If you depend on only one source, you become a prisoner,” explained the guest of Bulgaria ON AIR.

According to him, in her speech, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, failed to say that the energy crisis is not solely due to the conflict in Ukraine, and of the “nonsense that has been committed in energy in Europe” in recent years with green energy. Lazarov believes that Covid-19 is not a problem for this either, but the thermal power plants are closed without alternatives.

According to him, the findings on saving current are “musings of a housewife and Ursula von der Leyen is perfect at it, but not for the leader of Europe”.

“Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest. In Bulgaria we have an overproduction of electricity, but it would have been even better to have even more production with 2 more reactors in Kozloduy, and everyone focused on Belene. When you have an overproduction of electricity, it is a matter of political decisions on how to compensate for the expensive electricity in Bulgaria based on market mechanisms,” Lazarov is emphatic.

The analyst believes that introducing a ceiling on electricity prices is not good for Bulgaria and we must react. His opinion is that in Europe there is a crisis of leaders and she should move towards its federalization in defense and national security, and the foreign policy must be unified.

“It is seen that gas is a weapon, that Russia is using it, that there is a certain lack of reliability in supply, this will have lasting consequences for Russia in the long term. State, not state, the Europeans will diversify. Europe realizes where it has gone wrong in all these years,” concluded Lazarov.

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