An assassination attempt on Putin or an accident with his limousine? – Articles

An assassination attempt on Putin or an accident with his limousine? – Articles
An assassination attempt on Putin or an accident with his limousine? – Articles

The British publication “Daily Mail” published information that it is possible that an assassination attempt was made on the Russian leader. The publication refers to a Telegram channel that reports on events in the Kremlin.

While driving, a loud crash was heard under the car. Smoke also appeared under the left front tire.

Subsequently, the motorcade of the President withdrew to a safe place.

According to the publication, this has led to concerns that Putin’s security has been compromised. However, there is no confirmation of the accident in other publications.

“Daily Mail” does not specify when the alleged attack took place, writes Glass News.

V. “Sun” indicates that there have been numerous arrests by the personal security service of the Russian president, “Telegraph” adds.

Some of Putin’s bodyguards have reportedly “disappeared” amid claims that classified information on the 69-year-old president’s movements has been compromised, according to General GVR’s Telegram channel.

The anti-Kremlin channel claimed that Putin was returning to his official residence in a stately motorcade amid concerns about his security.

The “spare” convoy consisted of five armored cars, with Putin allegedly in the third.

It was unclear when the potential assassination attempt took place and it was not immediately possible to verify the claim, the outlets said.

The channel said: “On the way to the residence, a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, the second escort car drove around without stopping due to the sudden obstacle.”

In Putin’s car, he allegedly “heard a loud bang from the left front wheel, followed by heavy smoke.”

The SVR general claimed that Putin’s car “despite control problems” made its way from the scene of the attack to the safety of the residence.

Meanwhile, the Telegram channel said details of the alleged attack were “classified”.

It added: “The head of the president’s personal security (service) and several other people have been removed and are in custody,” the channel claimed, without naming anyone as a source.

“A narrow circle of people knew about the movement of the president in this motorcade, and they were all from the president’s security service.

“After the accident, three of them disappeared. These were the people who were in the first car of the motorcade. Their fate is currently unknown. The car they were traveling in was found empty a few kilometers from the accident.”

The claims come a month after Ukraine said the Russian president survived an assassination attempt after being attacked while traveling.

The head of the country’s military intelligence, Kirill Budanov, said there was a “failed attempt” to assassinate Putin at the start of the war against Ukraine.

We remind you that last month Daria Dugina – daughter of “Putin’s mastermind” Alexander Dugin, was blown up in her father’s car, who miraculously survived because he got into another car. Dugin – considered by some to have inspired the invasion of Ukraine – was returning to Moscow with his daughter from a festival when he changed his car at the last minute.

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