Unconfirmed: Attack on Putin’s motorcade, he is unharmed

Unconfirmed: Attack on Putin’s motorcade, he is unharmed
Unconfirmed: Attack on Putin’s motorcade, he is unharmed

A failed assassination attempt against Russian President Vladimir Putin has been reported by the Russian Telegram channel General SVR, which has more than 315,000 followers and is believed to have “inside information” from Russian security services. According to the channel, the assassination was carried out “not long ago”, the Russian president was not injured, but one of the alleged assassins was found dead. So far, there is no confirmation of what happened from reliable sources.

Here is the text of the message:

Not long ago, an incident occurred that led to still imperceptible, but very significant changes in the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The incident happened with a duplicating presidential motorcade, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin was. The President sometimes, on the advice of the security service, travels in a car from a backup motorcade, which usually does not attract as much attention as the main motorcade and consists of five armored vehicles, one of which carries the guard.

Thus, not long ago, a backup motorcade was attacked, one of the cars of which was Vladimir Putin. On the way to his residence, a few kilometers from it, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, the second escort car bypassed without stopping, an obstacle suddenly appeared, and during the bypass of the obstacle from the left front wheel of the third car, in which Putin is, a loud bang was heard, followed by a lot of smoke.

The car with the president, despite the steering problems, follows the route of the car in front, and although it has to slow down, the motorcade, with the exception of the previously blocked first car, reaches its destination. A man’s body was subsequently found behind the wheel of the ambulance that blocked the first car in the motorcade.

The investigation of the incident and all information about it is classified, all insiders have been warned about the responsibility of distribution. The head of the president’s bodyguard and several other people were removed and arrested. A small circle of people knew about the president’s movements in this motorcade, and they were all from the president’s security service. After the accident, three of them disappeared – these are the people who were in the first car of the motorcade. Their fate is currently unknown, and the car they were traveling in was found empty a few kilometers from the accident.

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