Ukraine urgently requested tanks from Germany

Ukraine urgently requested tanks from Germany
Ukraine urgently requested tanks from Germany

Germany to urgently give tanks to Ukraine and thus strengthen its leadership role in Europe. This was insisted by the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, when he arrived for a visit to Berlin today.

“A country like Germany cannot wait to see what others will do before making a decision,” Stefynchuk criticized the behavior of the German government. Ukraine wants Leopard 2 tanks to continue pushing the Russian army out of its territory. They are considered the best in the world.

So far, no NATO country has supplied Western-made tanks to Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian army has liberated a territory of 6,000 square kilometers. We see that our success is inspiring the world, and many countries have again made their aid to Ukraine one of their priorities. The faster we get weapons, the faster we will win,” Stefanchuk said.

In Germany, he will participate in the meeting of parliamentarians from the G7 countries. However, he will also meet with government representatives such as Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

“I wonder what else is needed to get help? Precisely because of the approaching winter, quick decisions must be made,” he also stated.

During debates on arms deliveries directly to Ukraine, Chancellor Scholz opposed this request. “Germany already supports Ukraine financially, humanitarianly, but also with weapons. It is obvious that she is able to defend her country now,” said Scholz.

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