Do you know who is the janitor of the Slavey School in Burgas?

Hardly any of the teachers and parents recognized in the man with the white shirt and the inscription “SECURITY” the doctor of philosophy and the most inspiring teacher in the period 1986-1995

15 September 2022Thursday, 5:30 p.m.

Author: Georgi RUSCHEV

He is the only one recognized as a dissident in Burgas after the fall of the totalitarian regime, the founder of the first opposition movement, he was the leader of the SDS-Burgas and a candidate for mayor, won back the Party House for BSU University and is an honorary citizen. From today it welcomes first-timers

Hardly anyone today would have guessed that when the first-graders of the “Petko Rachev Slaveykov” Elementary School in Burgas cross the threshold for the first time this morning, they will be greeted by such an important person for the history of Burgas, as the newly appointed janitor actually is.

Flagman’s reporter recognized in the nimble man the one-time titan of democracy Stoicho Kyosev – the only dissident from Burgas recognized by international encyclopedists during the transition, founder of the All-City Philosophical Club “Socrates” in the darkest years of totalitarianism, doctor of philosophy, founder of the first opposition movement November 19 Club and co-founder of the key for the transition party SDS, who trained dozens of modern thinkers who today occupy high state and international positions. Much weaker, but still energetic and smiling, ready for conversation and reflection on all aspects of history and society.

The former teacher and spiritual leader today welcomes the students on their first day of school. He is already 67 years old. He finally returned to our country after nearly 30 years abroad, during the last 10 of which he was settled in Cuba, from where he also brought a legal wife. During these three decades he was simply forgotten.

Kyosev was the teacher who initiated the protests and the hunger strike for the seizure of the Party House and its transformation into the Burgas Free University in the early 1990s – after an assault. Prior to that, he also participated in the conversion of the Center for the Mentally Ill, where BKP personnel were trained, into a psychiatric hospital – today’s Center for the Mentally Ill. He and his elitist philosophical circle were the model at the end of the obscurantist regime that was followed in establishing the rule of the Union of Democratic Forces, from among which he was even elevated to the position of mayor in 1992. And today he is a gatekeeper and accepts this challenge philosophically. Just the fact that I’m back at school is reason enough for me to be happy, he says.

“November 19” – 30 years later. Commemoration of the dead Burgas democracy

What he experienced while traveling the world, why he returned to Burgas and about the severe disappointment of the transition, wait for an interview shortly.

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