Two students fainted in the courtyard of the language high school in Kyustendil

Two students fainted in the courtyard of the language high school in Kyustendil
Two students fainted in the courtyard of the language high school in Kyustendil

Two students fainted in the yard of the Language High School in Kyustendil at the opening of the new school year. This was announced to journalists by the director of “Emergency Center” – Kyustendil, Dr. Albena Rapatinska, quoted by Radio “Focus”. The two children are 13 and 14 years old.

Ambulances were dispatched to the scene. They transported the children to the “Emergency Department” at the hospital. The kids are fine now.

There was a similar case in 2018, when five children fainted on the first day of school.

“The trend of people fainting on the street is alarming. On the first day of school, 5 children fainted and reports were filed about them. Four children collapsed on the school grounds, and one fainted on the street. Yesterday we have also responded to two domestic traumas involving children”Katia Sungarska, the spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Emergency Service, explained to at the time.

With 381 first graders, the new school year began in Kyustendil Municipality. The data are from the Regional Office of Education (RUO).

Traditionally, first-graders receive a gift from the municipality – an Orthodox primer.

The school year began with a prayer for the health and blessing of all students, teachers and workers in the education system. The prayer succession was performed by Archimandrite Isaac, the bishop’s deputy of the Kyustendil spiritual district, in collaboration with clergymen from the district in the “Assumption” temple.

Each educational institution provides the mandatory documentation, personnel resources, and the transportation of students from the villages to the secondary educational institutions. The material and technical base has been renewed. Twelve Ukrainian children will be educated in the schools in Kyustendil, the RUO also said.

There are 321 first-graders in the Municipality of Dupnitsa, the municipal administration announced.

The traditional action of the police “Children are going to school! Let’s keep them safe on the road!” starts today. Before the first school day, security inspections of the buildings of the schools and kindergartens in the district were carried out. Workshops were held with the management of the security companies, which also take care of the access regime in the educational institutions. Employees from the police departments and traffic police have inspected the signaling and road markings, street lighting and safety and pedestrian fences, the police in Kyustendil reported.

Today there is an increased police presence in the areas of all schools in the region. Traffic officers regulate vehicular and pedestrian traffic to ensure the safe crossing of children and their companions.

During the period of the upcoming school year, a police presence will be ensured, with a preventive effect before and at the end of school hours.

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