Ivan Demerdzhiev will assist urgently in the cleaning of Maritsa

The Municipality of Plovdiv will send to the Acting Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev within a few days all the protocols and documents related to the cleaning of the bed of the Maritsa River. This became clear after a meeting initiated by the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov, which was attended by regional governor Angel Stoev and deputy mayors Anesti Timchev, Todor Chonov and Yordan Stavrev.

The acting Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that, in order to assist in a quick and timely procedure for the start of the activities, he wants the municipal administration to work in full sync with the regional administration. Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov recalled that the funds of BGN 1.5 million, allocated last year by the state, are available in the municipality’s accounts, but the lengthy procedures under the Law on Public Procurement prevent the administration from adequately and timely completing its work on the river. He clarified that he has protocols from the various departments involved, through which a procedure can be triggered in an emergency situation.

All parties are of the opinion that the bed of the river Maritsa in the urbanized area should be urgently cleaned with joint efforts, especially in view of the recent floods in the country.

The total section of the Maritsa River in the regulation of Plovdiv is 13 kilometers. The part of the river in the populated region is 5.1 kilometers. Emergency works will include cleaning around the bridges and island formations in this section. These activities will be carried out in the volume of allocated funds and in the existing course of the river. At the same time, the municipal enterprises “Gardens and Parks” and “Cleaning”, for which funds have been allocated from the municipal budget, are constantly being carried out to clear the green vegetation.


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