Yana’s sister brings turmoil to her relationship with Martin in Don’t Think of Me

Romantic moments, desperate moves and unexpected surprises await the fans of the Bulgarian TV series “Men ne me miste” this Thursday and Friday at 8:00 p.m. on bTV.

Yana (Vesela Babinova) and Martin (Rushen Widenliev) are flying on the wings of love and together they prepare a surprise for Maria, who has a birthday. At the same time, Hristo (Ivan Yurukov) makes desperate attempts to find a job, including as a secretary in the court, but everywhere he hits a stone.

Asya (Daria Simeonova) openly states to Yana that she hopes that her personal relationship with Martin will not interfere with her professional commitments at the office. Irena (Gergana Kadieva) gives Hristo an ultimatum – to reconcile with Polly (Katalin Stareyshinska), find another job or move out of her house.

The situation for Yana’s ex becomes even more complicated when he realizes that he forgot his daughter’s birthday and has no money for a present. Hristo urgently asks for a loan from his friends, but they refuse him. To top it off, Polly informs them that because of Christo, no one will receive the stipulated bonuses.

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Martin shares with Jana his concern that he is as unscrupulous as his father in court. She manages to encourage him, and Martin decides to officially propose to her. However, everything turns upside down with the arrival of Yana’s sister – Dora (Mina Kaukova), who causes turmoil in the intimate relations of the two lovers.

It turns out that Dora broke off her engagement, met a new man in Sofia through the Internet and wants to try her luck in the big city. How will Martin react when he finds out that he will have to share the same roof with Yana’s sister – find out in “Don’t think of me” on Thursday and Friday at 20:00 on bTV.

The great Bulgarian actress Meglena Karalambova and the young hopefuls Mina Kaukova and Stefan Popov – Chefo will take a special part in the new episodes.

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