We want cheap Russian gas but protest cheap Ukrainian wheat? Democracy took a lot from us, mind for example – Society

We want cheap Russian gas but protest cheap Ukrainian wheat? Democracy took a lot from us, mind for example – Society
We want cheap Russian gas but protest cheap Ukrainian wheat? Democracy took a lot from us, mind for example – Society

The DANS report on Russian spies comes out at a very opportune moment, when the entire Russian lobby, the doves, the governor’s servants and all the four-thousands are gassing (so much so that soon we can not only solve our problem, but also become exporters), because their beloved Russia loses the “operation” so shamefully that it becomes a laughing stock for the North Koreans as well.

But such reports, whenever they come out, are too late. Paid Russian lovers have infiltrated our society in such a way that they poisoned the heads of many ordinary Bulgarians who continue to believe that Russia was once a liberator. There – that last sentence alone just unleashed another wave of gasp*ing.

Reaction mechanisms in the natural population are interesting. Somehow they automatically accept whom to resent and what to accept quietly and cheerfully. Now do you understand why normal education is important? That which teaches children, not indoctrinates them, does not brainwash them.

Once they learn the propaganda, they easily become victims for the rest of their lives. How easily they accepted the wishes of official doves and green socks that (damn morale and solidarity!) we need cheap Russian gas. And how easily they got angry against the cheap Ukrainian wheat.

If the wheat was from any other country and not Ukraine, the majority would wake up and say: wait, why are you depriving us of cheap wheat, lol!

But because it is Ukrainian, they rub their hands contentedly that they will screw up Ukrainian imports.

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but Ukraine is the breadbasket of the world. It exports, has exported and will export millions of tons. Nothing but 6,000 tons were imported from Ukraine. We are such a “big” market that if all their imports stopped, they would have forgotten us in 5 minutes. At the expense of this, however, we will pay expensive bread and expensive flour, because the prices of native manufacturers are well calculated to bring one new Bentley a year.

Well… I’ll repeat: I don’t know what you think, but Ukraine will export its wheat all over the world, and Bulgarian consumers will pay the inflated prices of the native producers. And for some reason… they rejoice. The users, I mean – are happy. Because they screwed up Ukraine…


Didn’t we deserve cheap wheat, like presidents, official doves and other nomenclature think we deserved cheap (Russian) gas? Won’t at least one of them remember to say something about it? No, seriously, can you be any more transparent than you are now? Can you make your Russian bias (not to say slavish) more obvious?

Won’t one of these luminaries of social concern think to ask the protesting “producers” where is our cheap bread, after THEY CANCELED the VAT for them, and they also RECEIVE SUBSIDIES CONSTANTLY from the EU?

No? There is no? Okay. Otherwise, you think about the Bulgarian people day and night, don’t you? You go to bed and wake up thinking about him.

And today – September 15, apart from the first school day in Bulgaria, is also the international day of democracy.

Unfortunately, in our country, many believe that the cheap copy served by the children and grandchildren of the cops and active fighters is democracy. They installed themselves on the floors of power, in the banks, in the markets, in the police, in the army, in the court, in the prosecutor’s office, in the media, in the publishing houses, in the parliament, in every government…

… and we are told that this robbery they are carrying out is “democracy”. And the people, of course, hated democracy, not understanding that they had never seen it in its true form before.

But, happily, at least he managed to show his real nose a little. And it “took away” from us the haircuts, the stamping on the legs, the prison for jokes, the crawling in front of narrow-minded morons from the Central Committee, it “took away” from us the happiness of begging for an exit visa, the shooting of meat at the border, the current regime, the empty shops, 10 years for Lada, TV connections, corecom, oranges only on New Year’s, plenums, congresses, climbing in front of the USSR… well, the last one – not quite…

… but, regrettably, we have to note that it also took away something else, which seems to be the common sense of society.

Alexander Tomov


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