Cornelia Ninova to the students: To know family and fatherland

Cornelia Ninova to the students: To know family and fatherland
Cornelia Ninova to the students: To know family and fatherland

The European Commission supported the BSP’s position on the price ceiling

“Today the school bell is ringing solemnly, but also alarmingly!” Cornelia Ninova addressed all teachers, students and parents with these words during her visit to Veliko Tarnovo on the first day of school.

She recalled the results of the last matriculation exams, which show an alarming level of native education. Therefore, the BSP must continue what it started in support of the Bulgarian school. “We insist on 1 textbook in 1 class for 1 subject. And to write in it

the truth about Bulgarian history and reality.

The truth should not be replaced so that our children know their family and fatherland”, Ninova is categorical.

BGN 50 million will be allocated in the next budget to make textbooks up to grade 12 free.

The Ministry of Economy under the management of the BSP launched a program for adequate distribution of

the state order in higher schools

After a series of meetings with the employers’ organizations, the specialists who are lacking in the Bulgarian industry were determined. There will already be a state order in the universities for these specialties. Students will not pay fees, but in turn they have a commitment to work for a certain period in Bulgaria. “Employers, ministries and universities worked as a team. This policy must continue. This is how we provide personnel for Bulgaria’s economy and create conditions for young specialists to stay here”, explained the chairman of the BSP.

She also recalled that we need to restore vocational high schools and technical schools.

We insisted on schools, along with hospitals, community centers, kindergartens and other social institutions

to return to the regulated electricity market,

Ninova recalled. We were accused of non-market thinking, given that it is absurd for school principals to negotiate the price of electricity with different suppliers. Yesterday, the European Commission voted for measures that are even one step forward – to return small and medium-sized businesses to the regulated energy market. Europe thus confirmed that we are on the right track, she said.

In October, the BSP will insist on

gas price ceiling.

Just as electricity prices for household consumers were frozen. The difference will be absorbed by the state, taxing the excess profits of the energy companies.

We will not solve these crises until the war is over, Ninova warned and expressed her fears about the looming conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. “We from the BSP are for peace, for a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine, for dialogue,” she said.

“It is necessary to vote in the elections on October 2. Don’t be fooled into thinking this vote is pointless because there will be another one soon after. There will be a regular cabinet because the budget for next year must be adopted. Otherwise, in January, the state will have to exist with 1/12th of the budget for 2021. And the amount will be extremely insufficient due to inflation”, Kornelia Ninova explained this to employees and workers of “Sugar Factories” in Gorna Oryahovitsa. The leader of the list for Veliko Tarnovo Yavor Bozhankov discussed with them the possibilities for a transport corridor between Northern and Southern Bulgaria and the measures against the huge queues of trucks on the border with Romania.

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