Vandals cut off some of the anti-overtaking pegs in the Kresnen Gorge

Vandals cut off some of the anti-overtaking pegs in the Kresnen Gorge
Vandals cut off some of the anti-overtaking pegs in the Kresnen Gorge

Vandals have cut 11 of the pegs that were placed in the Kresnen Gorge to stop overtaking.

The Road Infrastructure Agency (API) emphasizes that this act of vandalism creates conditions for unregulated overtaking in the section registered by the Ministry of the Interior as a section with a concentration of traffic accidents. From 2016 to the middle of 2021, 246 traffic accidents occurred on this route, and not a single accident was registered after the restriction pegs were installed. The pegs in question were installed about two months ago.

“The damaged restriction pegs on the road through the Kresna gorge will be restored and budget funds will have to be spent again instead of investing in new markings, road signs, guardrails and safety measures”, the API states and calls on travelers to immediately inform the authorities of The Ministry of the Interior, if they notice unscrupulous citizens tearing down or stealing signs, pegs, etc.

In order to increase traffic safety in the 16-kilometer section through the Kresna Gorge and to implement eco-measures to mitigate the impact of traffic on wild animals and birds, API is working on a project to secure the 16-kilometer road through the Kresna Gorge.

The project to secure the section through the Kresna Gorge includes not only limiting overtaking, but also a speed limit of up to 50 km/h. According to API, if these measures are observed, crossing the section takes up to 20 minutes.

The agency emphasizes that the work on securing the section through the Kresnen Gorge is not over. The project envisages the installation of cameras to monitor strict compliance with traffic rules.

According to API data, more than 11,000 cars per day pass through the Kresna Gorge, and this is one of the busiest sections in the country.

According to data from the “Road Police”, about 70% of accidents in recent years are due to incorrect overtaking and inappropriate speed.

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