Here are the BG stars who sent first-timers today

Here are the BG stars who sent first-timers today
Here are the BG stars who sent first-timers today
The beginning of the school year became an occasion for proud BG stars to brag about their students on social networks.

Naturally, among the most excited are those who sent the first rains. Popfolk singer Konstantin is one of the VIPs who have a first-grade student.

The most commented participant in the TV reality show “Games of Will” Zheni Dzaferovich also has a first grader. Her son crossed the threshold of the school for the first time.

“Happy first day of school, dear children! Have a good time! I am a happy mother of a first-grader and a fourth-grader, and I am even happier that their great-grandmother and great-grandfather are also present at this celebration,” wrote Evgenia.

And journalist Bilyana Gavazova sent her child to first grade after the classroom was recently renovated.

The producer and TV presenter Ivan Hristov also boasted about a student who chose not only to count and write, but also to know the notes. The son of Hristov and Irina Tencheva will study at the music school in the capital, where the child of Asen Blatechki and Dilyana Popova is already in the second grade.

Alexander Kadiev’s daughter also went to school, and the whole family sent her off and took pictures as a keepsake.

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