The first day of school in pictures, words and excitement

The first day of school in pictures, words and excitement
The first day of school in pictures, words and excitement

With great excitement, 8,800 students entered the classrooms in the schools of V. Tarnovo district. Of them, nearly 700 are first graders. Of all the students, more than 7,000 are graduates of the municipal schools, and about 1,800 – of the state vocational high schools in the old capital city. The mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov, was a guest at the opening of the new school year at the “St. Patriarch Euthymius”, “Vela Blagoeva” SU, “Emilian Stanev” SU and the American College. “The first day of school is not forgotten and is remembered for a lifetime. Today we remember with excitement the first teacher, the first written letters, the opening of the primer. We are proud to live in the historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria. We are fortunate that the number of students in our city is increasing for another year, at the same time – in difficult and challenging times. All this brings us optimism and hope for a good future for V. Tarnovo,” said Daniel Panov during the school celebrations. He wished the first-graders to boldly enter the world of knowledge, to create many new friendships in their second home – the classrooms. “Read more and more. Each of your successes is a source of pride for the old capital,” Panov addressed the older students.

“We are delighted that the school yard is once again abuzz with children’s noise, songs and happy conversations and we look forward to the children entering the classrooms. I hope the new school year will be successful and above all present”, said Ivanichka Petkova, director of the “St. Partriarch Euthymius”.

820 children crossed the threshold of the school, with two preparatory groups. The students are divided into 34 classes. The first-graders are in 5 classes, and the learning process will take place in two shifts, since the material base does not allow the transition to a single-shift mode. Petkova shared that a project for a gym has been prepared, which will be submitted for funding, and its implementation would allow the children to start studying in one shift. Funding has already been won for the reconstruction of the sports field in the school’s south yard with a special soft surface and equipment. In the summer, the lobby at the school’s main entrance was renewed and refreshed, as well as on the second floor, where the administrative building is located, the principal recalled.

For the 20th consecutive time, the American College in V. Tarnovo welcomed its students. At the opening of the new school year, the director of the school, Petar Ivanov, reminded that the success of the college graduates goes through the mutual efforts and commitment of the teachers and parents towards their education and training. He recalled that for the 15th time in a row, since the matriculation exams for 12th grade were re-introduced, the American College is first in the city, in the region and always in the top places of the best schools in Bulgaria.

“Years ago I was in your place and I know what good times are ahead of you. I wish you to use your time here wisely. It’s not important where the ideas come from, but how far they go, so on behalf of everyone who is behind this idea, I wish you a meaningful and successful school year”, addressed the students, Tsveta Karaivanova, Chair of the Board of Directors of the American College.

“This solemn day will go down in history, because from today the first trade school in the old capital city, established way back in 1919, has its patron. A person who will inspire generations of students will be an example of success, patriotism, nobility and dedication to people – Dr. Petar Aladzhov,” said excitedly Violeta Yosifova, director of the Staroprestol Vocational High School of Economics, which now bears the name of its patron – the notable financier, economist, public figure and benefactor. In his solemn speech, the director of the educational institution welcomed the new members of the school community and urged them to preserve the traditions of the high school, to cope with the challenges they will encounter, to master the professions they have chosen and, last but not least, to be healthy and successful in the new school year. She recalled that this fall, for the 103rd time, the school doors are opening to welcome students, teachers and all who send their children well. 365 graduates of SPGI “Dr. Petar Aladzhov” start the first school day with excitement, and for the first time 78 students who chose to continue their secondary education there cross the threshold of the school.

The president of the “Rotary Club” Valentin Mihailov presented Yosifova with the honorary new flag. It was consecrated in front of all the guests and students by Father Assen.

“I wish you to do like my father – Petar Aladzhov. Be hardworking, disciplined and goal oriented. Look how far that gets. He started right here, from this school, reached the highest positions in Bulgaria, on September 9 he fell from this height to the lowest positions – without a home, without funds, without anything. In three months he created new enterprises and acquired a new fortune. It doesn’t matter who gives you advice, you can find your way on your own, with your own strength, and rise with the knowledge that this school will give you,” addressed the students Princess Theophane von Sachsen – donor and public figure, daughter of Dr. Petar Aladjov, who was a special guest at the event, together with her son Max-Emanuel Georg August Peter. She added that Bulgarian education is highly valued around the world and therefore wished the young people more diligence and faith.

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