Up to 36 degrees today – Bulgaria

Up to 36 degrees today – Bulgaria
Up to 36 degrees today – Bulgaria

NIMH announced a yellow code for strong wind in 7 areas in Northern Bulgaria on September 15. The warning applies to the regions of Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Razgrad and Silistra. Wind gusts there can reach about 75 kilometers per hour.

The weather will be sunny with scattered high clouds. It will blow to moderate, in the Danube plain and Eastern Bulgaria – temporarily strong wind with a western component. The maximum temperatures will be between 31° and 36°, in Sofia around 31°.

It will be sunny along the Black Sea with scattered high clouds. A moderate, temporarily strong wind will blow from the west-southwest. Maximum temperatures will be 32°-35°. The temperature of the sea water is 23-24°. The excitement of the sea will be 2-3 points.

It will be mostly sunny in the mountains. It will blow to moderate, in the highest parts temporarily strong west-northwest wind. Temperatures will rise and the maximum at 1200 meters will be around 25°, at 2000 meters – around 18°.

There will be scattered high clouds on Friday. The wind will be mostly moderate, from the western quarter. It will persist with high temperatures, especially in the southeastern half of the country. Later after noon, cumulus-rain clouds will develop over Northern Bulgaria, and there is a possibility of rain and thunder in some places. On Saturday, the atmosphere will remain unstable. In places there will be precipitation and thunderstorms, the probability of local intense phenomena increases. Daytime temperatures will begin to drop from the west.

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