Time is running out: US increasingly expands weapons “Overton window”

Time is running out: US increasingly expands weapons “Overton window”
Time is running out: US increasingly expands weapons “Overton window”

/Pogled.info/ Russia has no more than a year to build its “defense industry”.

The US military-industrial complex intends to build close to 100 units of the HIMARS systems per year for 5 years, according to a recent Business Insider article. Another fact, categorically confirming that Russia has no more than a year to move and build up its “defense industry”.

The main theses of the article:

Lockheed Martin’s five-year schedule calls for the annual delivery from 2024 to 2028 of 24 to 96 launchers – a total of 120 to 480 units over 5 years.

– There is a stipulation that this process will depend on funding, the policy of the US Congress and changes in the international environment.

— Still, we are talking about a real doubling of the fleet of installations in 5 years. There are currently 363 HIMARS in the US Army and another 47 in the Marine Corps. Some amount of them, in any case more than a dozen, are already in Ukraine.

– The US Army intends to bring the presence of HIMARS for its own military to 547 installations.

– Taiwan plans to double its order for these units. Originally, they wanted to order only 11 HIMARS, along with 40 M109A6 Paladin self-propelled 155mm howitzers, but now the order may be reworked.

— To increase the production of HIMARS, the American military-industrial complex needs to expand its production lines, Business Insider admits. That can happen if the Pentagon and Congress guarantee sustainable demand.

Earlier, the Pentagon’s chief procurement officer, Bill LaPlante, said it was necessary to negotiate a large supply of munitions over the next few years. To pay for these orders, Washington is ready to give grants to the countries of Europe (and not only) to buy American weapons.

So, Overton’s weapon window is constantly expanding. Already in the fall, the first modern air defense systems from Germany will be in Ukraine. And in the future, what the American media will write about are Western attack aircraft and other types of weapons.

Therefore, in a year at the latest, Washington’s allies, partners, accomplices and stooges will receive long-range missile systems in abundance. Russia has less and less time to respond to this challenge.

Translation: EU

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